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Hong Kong's First Part-Time Associate Degree Programme of Business Studies in Banking Jointly Organized by Lingnan Institute of Further Education & Hong Kong Institute of Bankers

08 Apr 2002

Hong Kong, 8 April 2002 - Lingnan Institute of Further Education, Lingnan University, and Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) are delighted to launch their jointly organized programme, the 'Associate of Business Studies in Banking'. It is the first part-time associate degree programme for the banking and finance industry in Hong Kong. The programme is designed to provide an academic and professional training for those who want to develop their career in banking and finance industry and to help students to obtain professional qualification offered by HKIB, namely the Banking Certificate (Cert. HKIB).

At the signing ceremony held on 8 April 2002, Professor Chan Tsang-sing, the Associate Vice-President & Academic Dean (Business Studies) of Lingnan University said, "This is a tailor-made associate degree programme for students to achieve academic and professional development. In a knowledge-based economy, employees of the banking and finance industry must learn continuously in order to keep pace with competition. That is why we collaborate with Hong Kong Institute of Bankers to offer this programme in Hong Kong. HKIB is an internationally reputable organization which provides professional training and communication and enhances sharing of information within the banking industry. Graduates of the associate degree programme can apply to the part-time Bachelor of Business Administration Programme to be offered by Lingnan University or the Banking Diploma and Associate of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (AHKIB) organized by HKIB."

Mr. Vincent Cheng, Chairman, Executive Committee, Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, addressed, "This joint programme emphasizes both theory and practice. We shall contribute to Hong Kong's economic development by training up more professionals for the banking and financial sector. Graduates can obtain the Associate of Business Studies in Banking awarded by Lingnan University and the Banking Certificate of HKIB. In addition, they will be qualified as a member of HKIB, under the designation 'Cert. HKIB'."
Students are required to attend classes three to four times a week. The programme can be completed within two years. The courses will be taught in English and Cantonese. Programme outline is listed below:

Core Courses Required Courses
* English Language       * Law
* Chinese Language (Including Putonghua) * Accounting
* Introduction to Information Technology * Banking
* Mathematics and Statistics   * Economics
* General Education   * Introduction to Management
  * Investment
  * Monetary and Financial System

Interested parties who fulfill either one of the below entry requirements can apply for this programme: I) Age 23 or above; or II) Satisfactory completion of F.6, plus Grade E or above in at least five subjects in HKCEE, including Chinese and English (Syllabus B) {or Grade C or above for Syllabus A}, and the total of these five subjects is not less than 10 points (Grade A to E are given 5 to 1 points respectively for this purpose) [passes can be obtained at one or different sittings], or III), or an equivalent qualification.

The programme fee is HK$42,000 per year [to be paid by 2 installments]. Courses will commence in mid-July 2002. Interested parties may contact Mr. Alfred Lee or Miss Cynthia Chan of Lingnan Institute of Further Education at 2573-9893.