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Lingnan University Information Day 2007 Promotes Liberal Arts Education

20 Oct 2007

Lingnan University ("Lingnan" or "the University") held its Information Day today (20 October 2007) to introduce to the public the University's liberal arts mission, academic programmes, campus life and student societies' activities. The event this year was well responded and has attracted over 5,200 visitors, including matriculate students, teachers, parents and the public. Among the events for visitors included programme introduction, seminars, mini exhibition of masterpieces, Jackie Chan Challenge Club tournaments, book fair, campus tour, debate competitions, etc. All of which were attractions for visitors.

This year, Lingnan's artist-in-residence Mr LAW Man-lok held an exhibition "Spectacle in Lingnan" in his studio, showcasing the University's campus life from an artistic perspective. At the exhibition, visitors could see how Mr Law superimposes his artistic points of view on the interesting spectacles in Lingnan. Mr Law, together with his students, also shared with visitors his experience in the Artist-in-Residence Workshop and discussed the on-going projects.

Meanwhile, Visual Studies Programme exhibited copies of masterpieces at the University's Art Gallery, illustrating the creative ideas of renowned artists. Among these masterpieces include the works by the Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty, Gustav KLIMT, Edgar DEGAS, Pablo PICASSO and Salvador DALI.

This year, President Chan Yuk-shee hosted the "Opening Seminar" entitled "Liberal Arts Education at Lingnan University" for the University's Information Day for the first time. President Chan shared with audience characteristics of Lingnan's liberal arts education, curriculum design, programmes of studies, enrichment initiatives for students, mainland and international exchange programmes, and graduates' employment, etc. After the seminar, President Chan, together with three year-three students, hosted a Question-and-Answer Session, responding to audience's questions on campus residence, academic programmes and exchange programmes. The three students also shared with audience their hostel-life experience and introduced Lingnan's distinctive "Integrated Learning Programme".