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Alumni Homecoming Day 2017

29 Jul 2017

Alumni Homecoming Day 2017

“Alumni Homecoming Day 2017”, the annual highlight for all Lingnanians, was successfully held on 29 and 30 July.  More than 600 alumni, their families and friends joined and spent an amazing weekend together on the campus.


“Home Again!” is the theme of this year with the hope to provide an opportunity for Lingnanians to connect with their alma mater and reminisce about the wonderful moments in their campus life.  All participants had great fun together during the two-day stay.


The participants stayed at one of the four hostels, including William M W Mong Hall The Bank of East Asia Hall, Tsung Tsin Association Hall Fok Cho Min Hall, Chung Shun Yee Min Hall, and Wu Jieh Yee Hall.  A wide variety of activities was arranged, such as DIY workshops, sports classes, movie time and dessert time.  The workshops received overwhelming responses from the participants as well as the children who were very excited about making handicrafts themselves.  There were also game booths, handicraft booths and food kiosks at the Skylight Plaza.  The two game booths hosted by Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) and Lingnan University Business Administration Alumni Association, were very popular among families.


The Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery, where participants can take pictures in front of the circus-themed backdrops, was another attractive spot for participants.  Some of them also joined the mass game, in which they had to compete among eight teams in five games in order to be the champion.


The dinner buffet on 29 July with alumni sharing and student performance was one of the highlights of the event.  President Leonard K Cheng delivered his welcoming remarks with warm greetings and shared the latest development of the University.  During the dinner, our alumnus Mr Tim Lau, a seasoned wedding planner, shared on how liberal art education offered by Lingnan has transformed his personal and career development.  The performance by Dance Society also received great applause.  The dinner was concluded with an exciting Q & A game which brought the atmosphere to the climax. The “Alumni Homecoming Day 2017” was truly a joyful and memorable event for all the participants.


Alumni Homecoming Day 2017 Alumni Homecoming Day 2017 Alumni Homecoming Day 2017