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LU extends special work arrangements until further notice

13 Feb 2020

In view of the latest developments in the novel coronavirus epidemic, the University has decided to extend the special work arrangements for staff until further notice.


Heads of academic and non-academic departments/units should arrange for staff members to work in their offices daily by rotation, supplemented by flexible or staggered working hours, to provide basic and essential services.


Staff members who work on campus are strongly advised to wear a surgical mask and observe the latest preventive measures issued by the University’s Health, Safety and Environment Committee (please refer to the email issued by HSE Committee on 12 February). Colleagues who work from home should observe the guidelines provided by HRO and ITSC (please refer to the email issued by the Office of the President on 4 February).


The special work arrangements will be reviewed regularly, and the resumption of our normal work pattern will be announced no less than one week in advance. 



Office of Communications and Public Affairs

13 February 2020