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Update on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Preventive Measures (26 March 2020)

26 Mar 2020

The Department of Health started to issue quarantine orders under the Prevention and Control of Disease Regulation (Cap.599A) for compulsory home quarantine to people arriving in Hong Kong who have been to any one of all overseas countries/territories including Macau and Taiwan in the past 14 days.

In order to minimize the risk of community transmission, the Committee strongly advised all stakeholders that if they have to undergo compulsory quarantine, please stay at home or place of residency for 14 days before coming back to the campus.

If student or colleague is living with someone who is undergoing self-quarantine, they should not come to the campus if their home-mates are undergoing self-quarantine.  Same practices have been applied to our outsourced contractors and guests.

All stakeholders are advised to wear masks on campus, especially when having face-to-face communication with others, avoid social gathering and maintain appropriate social distance with other people as far as possible, stay away from crowded places, do not shake hands when meeting other people, avoid meal gatherings or other gatherings to reduce the chance of contacting infected persons, who may not present any symptoms, and minimise the risk of outbreak clusters emerging in the community.

While reiterating the importance of strict personal hygiene, the Committee would also like to take this opportunity to remind students and colleagues to pay special attention to their mental and psychosocial well-being. There are ways to release stress, such as, staying connect with someone you trust or who would make you happy by communication tools such as video chat, keeping yourself active by various appropriate exercises as well as keep learning on interesting things.

For information on COVID-19, please refer to the following links:
1.      Online Health Declaration Form: all students and staff shall complete this before coming to campus or when there is any change in status after last submission.
For students:;
For staff:

2.      If feeling unwell, you should wear a surgical mask and seek medical consultation promptly. It is advised to go to the nearest emergency room of any public hospital. The closest one to our campus is Tuen Mun Hospital. You might also go to the private clinics which join the Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programme of Hospital Authority and can produce deep throat saliva. For the list of collection points for submission of specimens by patients of private doctors for COVID-19 testing, please click the links below.

3.      For the latest updates on various news on COVID-19 infection and health advice, please visit the thematic webpage at:

4.      Webpage on Personal Hygiene (proper hand hygiene, proper use of mask, guidance note on monitoring of body temperature) at the following links:

5.      Hong Kong residents are encouraged to use the online Registration of Outbound Travel Information service at to register their contact details and itinerary when outside Hong Kong. For updates on Outbound Travel Alert (OTA), please visit the webpage of Security Bureau at

If you are being suspected or confirmed infected or under mandatory quarantine, please notify any of the following teams:

During Office Hours

COFMD(O&M) - Campus Support Office


Human Resources Office


Student Services Centre


During Non-office Hours

Security Control (24-hour)


Thank you for your kind attention.

Best Regards
Weixin Shang
Chairman, Health, Safety and Environment Committee