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Hackathon seeks innovative solutions to tackle COVID-19 problems

03 Jun 2020

Hackathon seeks innovative solutions to tackle COVID-19 problems

Organised by the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative, the Department of Visual Studies and the Science Unit, the 36-hour Virtual Hack COVID-19 was held online between 17 and 18 April.


Using Slack and Zoom to form teams, carry out project ideation, brainstorm and discuss, seven teams submitted YouTube video, Instagram and Facebook post, website and poster media campaign proposals intended to relieve social panic and the pressing problems brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as lack of proper knowledge about hygiene practices, and the spread of fake news, hoarding of groceries and protective items, and the deterioration of mental health.


Judges Prof Mark McGinley, Head of the Science Unit, Prof Man Chi-wah, Associate Professor of Teaching and Programme Director of Animation and Digital Arts, and Zoie So Wai-yi, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Visual Studies, named LU team “Evergreen Onion” the winner for their project to curb food hoarding and improve food distribution through social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. They also promote organic farming and grocery selling through the media.


The first runner-up is team “Regeneration”, concentrating on Hong Kongers’ wellbeing during the pandemic and trying to ease anxiety with useful suggestions through an Instagram platform (@regeneration_covid19).


The second runner-up is team “Arti-Virus”, using the culinary and visual arts to connect people with the rest of the world and improve social interaction at this time of crisis.