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Lingnan University Gala Dinner fundraiser to support students and young graduates’ entrepreneurial initiatives

29 Oct 2021

Gala dinner
Officiating guests take group photo at the Gala Dinner.
Paul Chan
Financial Secretary Mr Paul Chan delivers a speech at the Dinner.

Lingnan University (LU) hosted a Gala Dinner on Thursday (28 October) for Lingnanians and friends to raise funds for one of the University’s new initiatives, the LU Entrepreneurship Fund, which provides students and young graduates with funding and professional support for their startups. Officiating guest Mr Paul Chan Mo-po, Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR, opened the evening with Mr Andrew Yao Cho-fai, Chairman of the LU Council, Mr Augustine Wong Ho-ming, Deputy Chairman of the LU Council, and Prof Leonard K Cheng, President of LU.


In his address, Financial Secretary Mr Paul Chan commended Lingnan University as an innovative liberal arts institution that combines the best of the East and West. “I'm grateful to Lingnan University, its Council, staff and everyone else associated with the institution for your notable accomplishments this past year, and for your continuing progress in elevating the status of tertiary education in Hong Kong,” he added.


In his welcome speech, Mr Augustine Wong praised the University’s evolution from a post-secondary college to one of the top 10 liberal arts universities in Asia. “Through this arduous and ambitious journey, the goal of the University remains unchanged – to provide the best whole-person education to young people who serve the needs of the society and the world. Today, in a highly globalised, interconnected world, we need versatile leaders with a global perspective to help sustain Hong Kong’s competitive edge, and Lingnan is in a unique position to nurture talent of such extraordinary calibre. Their achievements and contributions truly demonstrate the value of a liberal arts education,” he said.


Prof Leonard K Cheng said in his address that LU has included innovation and entrepreneurship in its liberal arts education under the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) in recent years. He believes that raising funds for the LU Entrepreneurship Fund will provide financial support for LEI and bring new learning opportunities to students. “Technical and business advice will be offered by experienced entrepreneurs to the startups supported by the Fund. With both funding support and professional advice, students and young graduates can gain invaluable experience in social innovation as they work to solve global issues through humanitarian inventions,” he said.


The dinner guests spent an enjoyable and convivial evening and were entertained by karate, solo and musical performances.