The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Science Unit


  • Prof. Mark McGINLEY (Professor & Head) and Prof. Jonathan Fong (Assistant Professor) established the Science Unit in August 2015.

  • Dr. Lin Lui, visiting scholar of the Science Unit, joins Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and Ocean Park to release captive sea turtles in June 2017.

  • Prof. Jonathan Fong (back, left) and Dr. Xoni Ma (front, left) led a group of students to Nam Sang Wai for field studies of the course “CLD9018 Natural History of Hong Kong” on 3 Mar 2017.

  • Prof. Jonathan Fong and his research partners unveiled poaching activities within China’s nature April 2017.

  • Mirth TANG (Year 3 student), was inspired to explore ecology after taking CLD9017, scratching the neck of a giant tortoise during her study trip to Mauritius in Jan 2017.

  • Elderly students expressed appreciation to Prof. Fong for his wonderful teaching in April 2016.

  • Students of all ages discussed about the assignment for the course Natural Disasters: Science and Society.

  • Prof. McGinley shared his insight on coral reefs in February 2016.

  • Prof. Jose Wellington Alves dos Santos, visiting scholar of Science Unit, delivered a talk "Ecology of Pastures: Cows, Carbon, Climate” on 9 November 2016.

  • Peer learning through poster presentations for Prof. Fong’s course Life Science: The way life works.

  • Students explored science through the lens of the microscopes.

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