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Projects in Progress

Ongoing Projects Projects under Construction

  • Development of Lingnan Hub
    Lingnan Hub

    Lingnan hub
  • Improvements on the Safety Provision on Campus
  • Design, Construction and Provision of Hazard Mitigation Measures and Safety Access on Slopes and Retaining Walls
  • Construction of Teaching Laboratories for Music, Science and Data Science Courses
  • Construction of New Office Space and a Mini-Museum
  • Construction of an Office Floor on 3/F of Wong Administration Building



Planning Projects Projects under Planning & Design


  • Teaching Facilities Enhancement Works to B. Y. Lam Building
    • Location: LBYG01 & LBYG02 of B. Y. Lam Building
  • Converting 1 Lecture Theatre and 5 Classrooms into Flipped Classrooms
    • Location:
      • LKKG01 to LKKG05 of Leung Kau Kui Building
      • MBG07 of Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building
  • Enhancing the Outlook and Usability of the Outdoor Areas of the Main Campus
    • Location:
      • Wing On Plaza
      • Main Entrance
      • Yu Kan Hing Memorial Garden
      • Upper Plaza between Leung Kau Kui Building & B. Y Lam Building
      • Main Entrance of Chan Tak Tai Auditorium
  • Setting up an Off-Campus Learning Hub at 12/F & 13/F of M+ Tower



Last updated: April 2023  

Enquiry on Campus Development Projects

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