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Global Leaders of Tomorrow


Message from Programme Director

Globalisation offers unprecedented opportunities as well as complex challenges. As one of the world's most global cities, Hong Kong is uniquely situated to reap its rewards as well as addresses the many challenges unleashed by the forces of globalisation. An important part of Lingnan's education mission is to prepare our students for this global age by providing them with the knowledge, skills and networks to enable them to successfully reap the rewards and address the complex challenges of our time with passion and commitment to social justice.  

Building on its rich tradition as a pioneer of liberal arts education in Asia, Lingnan University, beginning in Fall 2019, will offer an innovative Global Liberal Arts Programme (GLAP) for inquisitive, ambitious and talented students from around the world who will have the extraordinary opportunity to study subjects they are passionate about under the guidance of distinguished and dedicated faculty and mentors. Complemented with Lingnan's flourishing interdisciplinary programmes, the GLAP will take students on an exciting educational journey, including study in 2 (up to 3) continents (Africa, Americas, Asia, Australasia or Europe) which will be a source of personal discovery and intellectual cultivation and fulfillment, while simultaneously creating pathways for rewarding and fulfilling careers and a productive and ethical life in service to the common good.

The GLAP is the first such specialised programme offered in Hong Kong. This full-time four-year undergraduate programme will provide students with an academically challenging, yet flexible curriculum, specifically designed to expand their intellectual horizons and refine their interpersonal and social skills to enable them to realise their ambitions and dreams. In all, GLAP is explicitly designed to educate and prepare Global Leaders of tomorrow – individuals who are well-educated, cosmopolitan in outlook, confident and capable of tackling the many challenges facing Hong Kong and the world with innovative solutions that are reasoned, practical and guided by the principles of moral and ethical leadership and for the service of common good.

Professor Shalendra Sharma
Associate Vice-President (Academic Quality Assurance and Internationalisation) and
Programme Director of Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Global Liberal Arts