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1. Do I need to take any particular subjects at HKDSE for applying for GLAP?

Answer: The GLAP is an inter-disciplinary programme that welcomes applications from candidates in any studying disciplines. We do not have any preferred subjects.

2. Will there be any interviews?

Answer: Yes, for JUPAS applicants, the shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview(s) before and/or after the HKDSE exam. For Direct Admission/ JEE Admission, potential applicants will be invited for interview(s).

3. How will I be notified if I am selected for interview?

Answer: If you are shortlisted for interview, you will receive notification individually by phone or by email. For non-local applicants who are not residing in Hong Kong, telephone or skype interviews will be arranged.

4. What will I be asked at the interviews?

Answer: The interview questions cover a wide range of regional and global issues. The purpose is to assess the soft skills, such as communication, interpersonal, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, of individual candidates, and whether there is a good fit between the candidate and the GLAP.

5. What are the admissions scores in the previous years?

Answer: The GLAP will be launched in 2019/20. There are no reference admission scores from previous years. The GLAP targets at dedicated and outstanding candidates who are equipped with all-rounded abilities and passionate to contribute to the society.

6. Will I have a higherchance to be admitted if I take more electives at HKDSE?

Answer: For applicants who have taken more than two electives, extra score will be awarded if they attain good result in the extra elective(s).

7. Would there be any penalty for applicants repeating HKDSE?

Answer: No penalty would be imposed for applicants with results in more than one sitting of the HKDSE exam.