Academic Studies

At the undergraduate level, Lingnan offers programmes leading to bachelor’s degrees in Arts, Business Administration, and Social Sciences. We introduce an integrated and multidisciplinary approach in many programmes, and adopt a variety of teaching modes: sectional approach in addition to the conventional lecture-tutorial format, immersion language teaching, field studies, integrated learning programmes, and service-learning programmes etc. More information can be found at Registry. You may find here for information on our Faculties/ Departments.

Courses on offer

Please check out the courses offering in 1st Term and 2nd Term and in Summer Term.

Study Load

For 1st Term and 2nd term, all incoming students at Lingnan must enroll for a full-time student status with reference to the immigration laws of the HKSAR. To qualify for full-time status at Lingnan, you are required to take at least 12 credits with undergraduate courses per term, i.e. 4 with undergraduate courses with 3 credits each.
The normal study load of full-time students should be in the range of 15 to 18 credits with undergraduate courses in a term. The maximum study load is 18 credits with undergraduate courses in a term and 33 credits with undergraduate courses in an academic year.

For Summer Term, please check here.

Language of Instruction

Apart from language courses and courses in the Chinese (CHI-coded) and Translation (TRA-coded) Departments, all courses are taught in English except otherwise specified. Generally about 75% of all classes taught at Lingnan are available in English. For classes taught in Chinese, the class schedules published for each term specify the medium of instruction is Cantonese or Putonghua.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar could be found here.

Credit Transfer

Lingnan adopts a credit-based system similar to those of North American institutions. Courses completed by exchange students at Lingnan are transferable. However, it is the sole responsibility of your home institution to determine how many credit units you may actually receive from courses taken at Lingnan.