All exchange students are required to live on-campus and share room with another student during the entire period of study at Lingnan. Rooms are randomly assigned. There are a total of 10 student hostels providing residential places to students in air-conditioned rooms. They are:

William M W Mong Hall &The Bank of East Asia Hall (A) Tsung Tsin Association Hall & Fok Cho Min Hall (B)
Chung Shun Hall & Yee Man Hall (C) Lam Woo Hall (D)
The Jockey Club Hall (E) The Jockey Club Hall (F)
The Jockey Club New Hall (G) The Jockey Club New Hall (H)
Wong Hoo Chuen Hall (WHC) Wu Jieh Yee Hall (WJY)

All residents shall be subject to the Hostel Rules and Regulations.


A Standard Student Room (Twins-sharing)
Each exchange student shares an air-conditioned student room, at approximately 110 sq ft, with another student and is furnished with:

  • 1 cabinet
  • 1 desk and chair
  • 1 single bed
  • Free LAN service connected to the University’s network system
  • Free electricity

Accommodation Fees

Depending on the exchange agreement between Lingnan and respective home institutions, some exchange students need to pay hostel fee to Lingnan.

For incoming exchange students who need to pay hostel fee to Lingnan, you are required to pay HK$7,215 upon acceptance. Depending on the actual room allocation, the hostel fee may be slightly lower than this indicative amount. If it is the case, you will get a refund upon your arrival.

However, all in-coming exchange students are required to pay an air-conditioning fee of HK$330 per term.

 Hostel Fee (2023-2024)
 *Please check with your home institution if
 you are required to pay hostel fee to Lingnan

 Hall A, B, C, D, E, F: HK$ 6,725 (approx. US$862),
 Hall G, H, WHC, WJY: HK$ 7,430 (appox. US$953)

 Air-conditioning Fee (2023-2024)

 HK$ 330 (approx. US$42)

Remarks: The hostel fee and air-conditioning fee are under University's review and subject to change.

*"Full Exchange" means you pay accommodation to your home institution; "Half Exchange" means you pay accommodation to Lingnan. These arrangements are referring to the agreement made between Lingnan and partner institutions. Please enquire your exchange study advisor for more details.

Linen Set

For exchange students, you can choose to bring your own linen or buy a new set from us (including a pillow, a pillow case, a bed sheet and a comforter). Please indicate your preference in the Online Application System. Late requests may not be entertained.

Facilities of Student Hostels

  • Restrooms and showers shared by all the floor occupants
  • A common room
  • A pantry on each floor, with boilers, microwave ovens and refridgerators
  • Free public telephones (international call services not provided) at the lift lobby on each floor
  • A laundry area with washing machine and dryers

For further information about hostel facilities, please refer to the website of Office of Student Affairs.