Tuition and Estimated Expenses


Generally speaking, you continue to pay tuition to your home institution. For other mandatory fees such as hostel fee, the arrangement will be subject to the agreement signed between Lingnan and your home institution.

Estimate of Monthly Living Expenses

The following monthly expenses might serve as a general guideline:


Amount of Estimated Monthly Expenses (in HKD) Amount of Estimated Monthly Expenses (in USD)


$3,000 - 3,500

$386 - 450


$500 - 1,000

$64 - 129

Transportation (Local)

$800 - 1,200

$103 - 154


$500 - 1,000

$64 - 129


$4,800 - 6,700

$617 - 862

Your expenses depend on your personal eating style, shopping habits and entertainment preferences. The expense on purchase of books is considered limited. Textbooks are generally not required in many classes, as you are normally assigned readings from books borrowed from the library. There are also no laboratory fees. However, it is advisable to allow an estimate of US$100-US$150 for books per term.

Currency Exchange Rate

The Hong Kong Dollar is pegged to the U.S. Dollar at a rate of HK$7.78 to US$1, although the rate varies slightly. Please check the latest currency exchange rates.

Arrangements upon Arrival

New incoming students are required to

  • report to OGE upon arrival (normally one week before the start of classes). OGE will provide pick-up services on designated dates upon request.
  • attend the Orientation Programme
  • settle down in student hostels


Making Your Own Way to Lingnan

Please refer to the instructions below to make your own way to Lingnan.


If you are travelling by taxi, you may show the address below to the taxi driver as some of them do not speak and/or understand English or Putonghua:

1. A surcharge of HK$6 fee (for both red and green taxi) will be charged for each piece of luggage.
2. You should avoid taking “private taxis”. They are illegal and might take advantage of new arrivals.
3. The travel times and costs listed above are for reference only. For more information, please refer to the homepages of
Hong Kong International Airport, Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation and Kolwoon Motor Bus (KMB) Co. Ltd

Arrangements upon Arrival

New incoming students are required to

  • report to OGE upon arrival (normally one week before the start of classes). OGE will provide pick up services on designated dates upon request.
  • attend the Orientation Programme
  • settle down in student hostels

Emergency Hotlines

In case of emergency, you may contact the following local organizations:


Telephone Number

Lingnan University (24 hours)


Police, Fire & Ambulance


Tuen Mun Police Station (Tuen Mun Division)


Tuen Mun Hospital 



Pre-departure Checklist

People tend to over pack because of insecurity and fear of the unknown. One big suitcase and one small carry-on bag would probably be good enough. You may pack your luggage with the help of the following checklist. Subject to your own needs, it is advisable to pack only the essentials and the items that you would need immediately upon arrival. The following checklist is for your reference only.

[Adopted from Packing Light, Holloway Travel Outfitters,, 2000-2010]:

Travel Checklists

1. Clothing that suits the weather conditions

2. Daily necessities
Skin Care lotions/Cream
Body Soap
Hair Brush/Comb
Shaving Components
Beddings (including pillow, bed sheet and quilt)

3. Travel Appliances
Notebook Computer
Hair Dryer

4. Personal Items
Cash in H.K. Dollar, traveler’s cheques, cheque book or credit cards
Glasses/Contact Lenses (Take your prescription with you.)
Travel Alarm Clock
Luggage Locks and Tags
(Take at least one month’s supply, and a copy of the prescription from your doctor — with both the chemical name and the brand name). If your medication is unavailable in Hong Kong, you may need to take enough for the entire semester abroad. But, if you do, be sure you have a doctor’s prescription and a letter from your doctor stating why you are carrying a large amount of medicines, and label your medicine clearly. If you do not follow these procedures you may have difficulties with the authorities.)

5. Others
“National Dress”
At least one nicer suit/dress (in case you need to attend an event which requires it)

Travel Documents
Valid passport or travel document
Student visa/entry permit issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department (should be attached to your travel document)
Admission documentation (e.g. acceptance letter or admission letter)
Travel Insurance Certificate, if any
Insurance Certificate for Exchange Period
Airline tickets

You should carry the above travel documents with you until you arrive at Lingnan. They must not be packed with the luggage since you will need to present some of them to the immigration authorities before you have claimed back your luggage. Always check to be sure all items are with you before you leave the counters of airline, the immigration or customs.

For the most important of these documents, keep them with you at all times. You should make several photocopies of important documents (e.g. Student Visa/Student Permit, and entry visa stamp page in passport), leave a set at home and take several sets of them to Hong Kong if possible.