Student Testimonials

Name: Victoria EHRESMANN  

Home Institution: University of Bamberg (Germany)

Term of Exchange: Term 1 & 2 , 2021-22



I am Victoria Ehresmann and I am studying for one year on exchange at Lingnan University. I chose Hong Kong because I wanted to get to know a totally different culture. Especially Lingnan University has a great exchange programme and the University offers super interesting courses. Furthermore, Lingnan University has many activities and workshops outside of classes.  

When I first arrived, I felt comfortable from the first day. I really appreciated that many different person and offices of the University offered me help and advice. Everyone here is super helpful and you never feel alone. Because of that I have not felt homesick at all. Even after three months, there is so much to explore at Lingnan and in Hong Kong. It never gets boring.  

Particularly at Lingnan, I really enjoy the campus life. Since my home university does not have one main campus, I like it here so much. It is super easy to get to classes or to meet your friends. The campus is very pretty, with a park and many sports facilities. Lingnan offers a lot of different sports courses, including fencing, which I’m already doing for several years. I saw this as a great opportunity to get to know local students. All my local friends are very open and love to show me around Hong Kong. I am very happy when they show me the local food and other local insiders. In exchange, I tell them about my home country and how life is there. 

One of my most memorable experiences in Hong Kong was the Lion Rock Hike. It was not the easiest hike, but the view from up the mountain was incredible. Hong Kong in general fascinates me every day. The city is so diverse and there is so much to discover. Starting from the many beaches, the most beautiful hikes, hidden islands, local fishing villages and last but not least the big city life. 

I am really grateful that I get the opportunity to spend my year abroad at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. I can’t wait for what will happen in the next few months!