Student Testimonials

Name: Linneke STACIA

Home Institution: Petra Christian University (Indonesia)

Term of Exchange: Term 1, 2017-18



How did you feel when you first arrived Lingnan?

My exchange experience in Lingnan University was rewarding. It all started in August 2017, when I arrived in Lingnan and was overwhelmed by the kindness of Lingnan buddies and friends. It really surprised me that everyone was so kind and willing to help incoming students to settle in.

After 3-month exchange life at Lingnan, how do you feel about Lingnan now?

After staying for 3 months here, I think Lingnan University has provided us with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to live and study in Hong Kong. At Lingnan, I got the chance to meet, interact and make friends with people from all over the world.

What is your most memorable experience at Lingnan/Hong Kong?

I think one of the most memorable moment was during the International Day when all exchange students had the chance to represent their countries. In this event, I had the opportunity to see the uniqueness about different countries and try their delicious dishes. Besides, I got the chance to host a food booth and share Indonesian traditional food (gado-gado) and crackers (krupuk) with everyone. I was so glad that many people liked it and said it was really delicious!

Another experience worth sharing was tasting of local food in Hong Kong, which were really amazing. The food I loved most is Dim Sum (also called "Yam Cha"), especially the Shaomai and Ha Gow. They were simply tasty and rich in flavor. My experiences here have been unforgettable and wonderful. I think I am going to miss Hong Kong and Lingnan so much!