Student Testimonials

Name: Verena MASCHKE

Home Institution: Karlshochschule International University (Germany)

Term of Exchange: Term 1, 2018-19



I have chosen Hong Kong and Lingnan University for my semester abroad since I always wanted to live in an Asian country for some time to experience different cultures, traditions and values as well as getting a deeper understanding of the habits and the different ways of living. Hong Kong is the perfect destination for me because it gives me the opportunity to stay in a big city, yet having the freedom to go and explore the great nature and variety that Hong Kong offers.

When I first arrived at Lingnan University, I was really excited because it felt like a dream came true. The only thing that I had mixed feelings about were the hostels, because the room was shared by 2 students. However, I subsequently felt that sharing a room was indeed a great experience, especially my roommate and I get along very well. And after staying here for three months now, I can definitely say that I do not regret the decision to spend my semester abroad at Lingnan University, for a single minute.

Another thing that I really like about Lingnan University is the 50m swimming pool on campus. I love swimming and doing sports, so this is one of my favorite places to be within the week. My most memorable experience so far was the trip to the Tian Tan Buddha (The Big Buddha), which I did together with my mum. The statue of the buddha was really impressive and the view from the platform was just amazing. When we went to have a look at the monastery, we could even see the monks performing a ceremony, which was a great cultural experience and an enrichment for my deeper understanding of different cultures and traditions.

All in all, I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to spend my semester abroad at Lingnan University in Hong Kong.