Why HK & Lingnan

Why Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, you will…

  • Gain easy access from the southeastern rim of the Guangdong province to Mainland China to explore her cities, culture and countryside in one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.
  • Take advantage of Hong Kong's convenient location and excellent transportation from the center of the Asia-Pacific Region to other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam
  • Connect to the globe by receiving up-to-date news, information and technology from all over the world in this free, dynamic city of offering global connectivity.
  • Meet new challenges you have never experienced in this cosmopolitan yet historic city where you will find the best of East and West.
  • Build up your international network by making new friends from all over the world in this international city.

For more information, please visit the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Why Lingnan?

First government-funded liberal arts education provider in Hong Kong

As a government-funded liberal arts university in Hong Kong, Lingnan is committed to the provision of quality education distinguished by the best liberal arts traditions. It adopts a whole-person approach to education which enables its students to think, judge, care and, ultimately, act responsibly in the changing circumstances of Hong Kong, the region and the world.


Lingnan University offers full-time undergraduate programmes leading to honours degrees. These programmes are grouped under three categories, viz. Arts, Business and Social Sciences. To accomplish Lingnan’s mission of providing its students with an education in the liberal arts tradition, all undergraduate programmes feature a distinctive style of integrated and balanced curriculum. Apart from courses in the respective disciplines, the General Education Programme and Chinese and English languages are essential components in each curriculum.

Teaching and learning

Lingnan adopts a student-oriented teaching and learning approach, and emphasises close faculty-student relationship. We stress interactive teaching and learning modes that mobilise students to reach for higher levels of intellectual discourse, analytical thinking and independent research capability. Likewise, we also adopt innovative teaching and learning approaches that include internships, overseas field trips, immersion language studies, directed research projects, cooperative learning and action learning.

High standard of research and academic performance

In the UGC 2014 Research Assessment Exercise conducted by the University Grants Committee (which advises the Hong Kong government on development and funding of tertiary institutions), it is confirmed that Lingnan have demonstrated our deep commitment to research and scholarship while at the same time remaining true to our liberal arts mission in providing quality teaching and mentorship to our students.

Residential campus

Campus life, especially hostel life, is regarded as an essential part of a liberal arts education. In 2014, we became the first university in Hong Kong to accomplish the goal of providing 4-year full residence for UGC-funded full-time Undergraduate Students and Research Postgraduate Students.


A major objective of Lingnan’s liberal arts education is to provide students with international exposure and whole-person development, particularly through bilateral cultural exchange. This is achieved by sending students abroad to experience different cultures, and by admitting non-local students for exchange or degree studies, so that they can experience our liberal arts environment as well as enrich it. Through cross-cultural interaction and exchange, our students not only gain additional knowledge, but also extra-curricular learning experiences and exposure to other cultures.


Lingnan offers service-learning to its undergraduate students. Service-Learning integrates community service with the students’ curricula and provides a distinctive learning experience for all-round development.


For more details, please visit Lingnan's Liberal Arts Education: https://www.ln.edu.hk/info-about/liberal-arts


Lingnan Fast Factsheet

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