Application Procedures

For quick reference, please refer to Student Exchange Programmes (SEP) Video.

Step 1

Application for Student Exchange Programmes (SEP) opens twice every academic year, with application deadlines usually scheduled in late October for 1st Recruitment and mid-March for 2nd Recruitment. For specific dates of each recruitment exercise, please refer to our Latest News. As most of the exchange places are filled after 1st Recruitment, it is advisable to submit your application in 1st Recruitment.

To learn more about our SEP, please collect and study information from the following sources:

  • SEP information sessions organised in the period from September to October for 1st Recruitment and March for 2nd Recruitment
  • Websites of OGE and our host institutions
  • Corporate videos of our host institutions on YouTube channel of OGE.
  • Student feedbacks in the excel files containing helpful tips shared by our exchange returnees available at our Partner List

You should identify host institutions that fit in with your study plan, interest and budget. If you intend to apply for IEP, you should be prepared to sit for the English language requirement test(s) as soon as possible given the tight test schedule.

Step 2

During the application period, you should complete and submit online application at the Online Application System, including:

  • An essay between 250-500 words about the reasons for exchange and action plans in achieving objectives
  • Proposed academic plan(s) for 1st and/or 2nd choices (IEP only) endorsed by your academic advisor
  • Online reference from a faculty member
  • Copy of TOFEL / IELTS score report (IEP only) 

To start with, you should take sufficient time to go through relevant information of the identified host institutions, e.g. catalogs (calendars), factsheets, and student feedbacks of our exchange returnees. Please check websites of OGE and our host institutions available at our Partner List regularly for the most updated information.

You should select 5 choices of host institutions in your application. Please discuss the intention of participating in SEP and your proposed academic plan(s) with your Head of Department of your major and/or minor programmes, Programme Director, and/or Academic Advisor as appropriate beforehand. Before submitting your online application, you should make your choices very carefully, as you may be selected for any of the choices. It is also unlikely to change the allocation of host institutions once the offer is made to you.

Step 3

You will receive an e-mail regarding selection interview usually to be held in mid-November for 1st Recruitment / late March for 2nd Recruitment. Interviews are conducted by faculty members and OGE staff in English / Cantonese / Putonghua. As the exchange quotas for some host institutions are highly competitive, please be well prepared to impress the selection panel for the opportunity to study abroad.

Step 4

For students applying for IEP, please submit TOEFL / IELTS score reports by specific deadline.

Step 5

You will receive an e-mail regarding your application result (an offer with a recommended exchange institution / no offer) on our Online Application System usually around early February for 1st Recruitment / mid-April for 2nd Recruitment. The result is made based on a careful review of your entire application package, including interview performance, academic record, language proficiency, commitment to internationalisation and other merits. Details of the allocation process, including student performances and rankings, are confidential and will not be disclosed to any applicant.

Successful applicants are required to confirm your offer online. Upon confirmation of acceptance, you will be informed in due course to attend pre-departure briefing sessions organised by OGE and prepare formal applications to your host institutions.