Student Exchange Programmes (SEP)

With a mission of becoming a world-class liberal arts institution, Lingnan aims at promoting student exchange with other institutions of higher learning throughout the world. Lingnan has set up the Student Exchange Programmes (SEP) offering students a valuable opportunity to "Engage the World” and to study in our partner institutions in overseas countries or Mainland China.

SEP offer our students the opportunity for a one-term study exchange at one of our partner institutions overseas or in Mainland China. Students will remain registered at Lingnan during their one-term abroad and must return to Lingnan to complete their studies.


ACUCA Student Mobility Scheme

ACUCA is the acronym for the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia. The ACUCA Student Mobility Scheme aims to foster a better understanding of Asian communities and cultures among students from ACUCA member institutions. Lingnan is a member of the ACUCA.
Lingnan students are welcome to apply for study abroad for one term at participating institutions of the Scheme in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. Students will continue to pay tuition at Lingnan, whilst accommodation at the host institutions. Students will be responsible for all personal expenses, e.g. local transportation, books, medical insurance. For details, please visit ACUCA Student Mobility Scheme website.

To participate in the Scheme in Term 1, you should only consider the institutions with application deadlines after 30 April and term end date before end of January. For Term 2, you should only consider institutions with term start date after early January.