Student Testimonials

Name: CHEUNG Wing Ki

Host Institution: Kyonggi University (Korea)

Term of Exchange: Term 1, 2022-23


CHEUNG Wing Ki, Photo 2

I was honored to participate in a four-month student exchange programme at Kyonggi University in Korea. Happy times always pass fast and I have already returned from Korea for a month. I had a lot of fond memories in Korea and its kindness and beauty always made me feel warm. During the exchange period, I took five courses at Kyonggi, namely: i) Korean Language for Novice, ii) Seminar on Chinese Affairs, iii) Creative Problem Solving, iv) Global E-business Strategy, and v) Global Marketing. All these courses were interesting with high quality and I loved these courses very much. Among all, the professor of the Creative Problem Solving course was patient and kind. He got along with the students very well and he even invited us to have dinner together. The whole class was in a very good relationship under his supervision. I had many good memories which become an indispensable part of my exchange experience.


Moreover, I met friends from all over the world including Europe, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, and Taiwan at a party held by Kyonggi. I celebrated birthdays and Christmas with them. One semester is short, so my friends and I made use of our spare time and visited different beautiful places in Korea. I also visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, Lotte World, Seoul Grand Park and Everland, and so on with friends from Taiwan. We left our footprints in Korea and this was indeed a very meaningful part of my exchange experience. There are many historical tourist attractions and beautiful islands in Korea and I certainly do not want to miss this great opportunity to explore the country. I tried to walk as much as possible and I went to Jeju Island and Busan with friends. There were so much laughter during the journey. Whenever I look at the photos, they remind me the beautiful sceneries and wonderful moments I had with my friends. Most importantly, I broadened my horizons as well as global outlook by travelling and I had a more comprehensive viewpoint of things and problems now.


CHEUNG Wing Ki, Photo 3


Living and studying in Korea for almost five months, I experienced Korean campus life, and also learned more about Korean society, Korean food culture, and so on. Time flies, from being confused at the beginning to being fulfilled every day. Studying abroad, which is totally different from traveling, did not only teach me to be self-reliant, but also enabled me to experience different cultures, and encourage me to move forward. I gained knowledge and skills, and at the same time I was motivated to keep moving forward. The exchange journey has indeed made me grow a lot. I cherished every day back then when I was in Korea, and I hoped that I could continue to grow in the future. I am very glad that LU gave me such a valuable opportunity to study at Kyonggi. During these four months, I have enriched my life experience, broadened my horizons, and experienced different learning atmospheres and cultures by first hand. Despite the short period of time, it is definitely one of the precious memories of a lifetime.