Student Testimonials

Name: WONG Yuen Man, Annie

Host Institution: University of Aberdeen (the United Kingdom)

Term of Exchange: Term 2, 2022-23


WONG Yuen Man, Photo 2

One of the reasons why I wanted to study abroad was to step out of my comfort zone and explore different things and cultures. As a fourth-year student majoring in Chinese at Lingnan University, I wanted to learn something new or unrelated to my major during this trip. Therefore, I chose to study History and Political Science related courses at the University of Aberdeen, including those about Vikings and American Civilization. Through researching extensively on these subjects, I have deepened my understanding of the historical facts and scholarly views on a range of topics. I have come to understand how places like England, Scotland and Ireland felt about being invaded by the Vikings, as well as the reasons behind Vikings’ different images in various documents. It was enlightening to learn about how Vikings were defined and whether there were real female Vikings. In the American Civilization course, I learned about the changes in slavery in the United States throughout history, along with issues surrounding human rights, the legal system and political concerns.


Many of the courses were closely related to what is currently happening in the United Kingdom and other Western countries. For example, the politics and international relations course discussed the Russo-Ukrainian war and Black Lives Matter movement. It was a valuable opportunity to discuss these contemporary issues with people who are actually involved and affected. What impressed me the most about the University of Aberdeen was its teaching methods. In Hong Kong, students often passively listen to what is being taught. However, the teachers in the University of Aberdeene encourages student to think and interact with each others. For example, when the class was asked to discuss the Black Lives Matter issue, some students shared their own experience of being discriminated. I have also broadened my horizons by meeting students from all over the world with different backgrounds and cultures. The University is also keen on cultivating students' interests. I participated in many activities that I have never experienced before, such as Mixed Martial Arts, Rifle Shooting and Scottish dance.


WONG Yuen Man, Photo 3


More importantly, the biggest gain during my exchange journey was the improvement of my oral speaking. Being an exchange student, I did not only learn about the local education system, school cultures and lifestyles, but also communicated and made friends with people from all over the world. I also visited several European countries with my new friends from Singapore, India and Finland. My international horizons were broadened as I met people with different backgrounds and cultures. During our conversation, I discovered how foreigners view Hong Kong and the differences between Hong Kong and other places. Perhaps making friends is to some extent the fastest way to get to know the local culture of a country.