Student Testimonials

Name: CHAN Sze Ching Esther

Host Institution: Swansea University (the United Kingdom)

Term of Exchange: Term 2, 2017-18

Chan Sze Chin Esther Hungary photos with artist

This valuable experience of studying at Swansea University in the United Kingdom for one semester has become one of the unforgettable memories in my university life. My global vision had expanded through visiting tourist attractions, museums and historic spots. The dream of visiting some of the famous landmarks and fabulous mountain village landscape in the European countries that I searched on the Internet or read in books also came true, which enhanced my knowledge about architecture, history and nature. My exchange journey also provided me with an opportunity to broaden my horizons by immersing myself in other cultures. I developed a better understanding of cultural differences by observing daily habits and customs through my interaction with the locals.

Besides, my employability skills were improved through studying Business Management during exchange. After my semester abroad, I worked as an Art Administrator Trainee in an orchestra for my summer internship and was responsible for promotion, marketing and activity planning. Business knowledge that I had learnt from the professor at Swansea University brought a great benefit to my workplace competencies and career development. My English language proficiency, interpersonal and social skills were strengthened significantly through my active participation in class discussions and social activities.

Thanks to this Student Exchange Programme, I have become a more mature person who can tackle difficulties with better problem-solving skills without relying on my parents. It encouraged me to be independent and take responsibility for my own daily life. Good habits of cooking healthy diet and exercising regularly were developed during my exchange period. I overcame different challenges encountered in my journey and gained positive influences as well as happiness, which eventually helped me to build a better me.