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Alumni Affairs

List of alumni associations

Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) (LUAA) 


Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) (LUAA) was founded in the early 40s and was established as a registered society in Hong Kong in April 1960. The mandate of which is to strengthen the bond between Lingnanians, to embrace Lingnan spirit and to serve the community. We welcome alumni to join LUAA as member. For further information, please refer to their website at

How to become a Corporate Member of LUAA?
·  Application for Corporate Membership PDF
·  Application for Individual Membership PDF

LUAA Alumni Monthly Donation Scheme
·  Donation form (ENG) PDF
·  Donation form (CHI) PDF


Lingnan University Postgraduate Alumni Association (LUPAA) 



Member List of the 2nd Executive Committee of LUPAA PDF


How to become a Member of LUPAA?

- Application for Ordinary Membership PDF

- Application for Student Membership PDF


Lingnan University Undergraduate Alumni Association (LUUAA) 



Member List of the 1st Executive Committee of LUUAA PDF

Application for Membership


Other Local Alumni Associations


Overseas Alumni Associations


Contact Information of Alumni Associations

Name of Alumni Associations Contact Person Contact Information
Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) 嶺南大學香港同學會 Mr Alex Ngan Email: Website
Lingnan University Postgraduate Alumni Association 嶺南大學研究生校友會 Mr Deco Yin




Lingnan University Undergraduate Alumni Association 嶺南大學本科生校友會 Ms Ella Lee Email:



Other Local Alumni Associations      
Hall C Alumni Association 忠信逸民堂舊生會 Ms Candy Wong Email: Facebook
Lingnan Accounting Circle 嶺會人 Mr Francis Wong Email:   
Lingnan University Accountancy Education Foundation Limited 嶺南大學會計教育基金有限公司 Mr Tony Wong Email: Website
Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) Basketball Team  嶺南大學香港同學會籃球隊 Mr Jeffrey Yip Email:  
Lingnan University Alumni Basketball Club (Lady) 嶺南大學舊生會(女子)籃球會 Ms Tse Ka Yee, Annie Email:  
Lingnan University Business Administration Alumni Association 嶺南大學工商管理系舊生會 Mr Trevor Wong Email: Facebook
Lingnan University Christian Alumni Association 嶺南大學基督徒校友會 Ms Carrie Chen Email:



Lingnan University Department of Chinese Alumni Association 嶺南大學中文系舊生會  Mr Kwok Ho Man   Facebook
Lingnan University History Alumni Association 嶺南大學歷史系校友會 Mr Vincent Ng



Lingnan University Hostel A Alumni Association 嶺南大學蒙民偉樓東亞堂舊生會 Mr Chow Yik Seng Email:  
Lingnan University Karate Club Alumni Association 嶺南大學空手道學會舊生會 Mr Ng Shing Cheong Email:  
Lingnan University Rowing Club Alumni Association 嶺南大學賽艇校友會 Ms Lewina Fung





Lingnan University Sports Club Alumni Association 嶺大校友會體育會 Ms Tse Ka Yee, Annie Email:


LUCAS  Mr Nick Lui Email: Facebook
Social Sciences Alumni Association 社會科學舊生會 Mr Fred Lam Email: Facebook
W T Chan Alumni Association 陳氏學者校友會

Ms Yueyi Lu

Mr Donald Tsui




Overseas Alumni Associations      
Lingnan Alumni Association in Los Angeles 洛杉磯嶺南同學會 Mr Wing Choi Email:  

Lingnan Alumni Association of Toronto 多倫多嶺南同學會

Mr Peter Hui Email:
Lingnan Alumni in Greater NYC 嶺南大中小學及分校校友會 - 大紐約區校友 Mr Chic Lam Email:  
Lingnan University Alumni (Vancouver) Association 溫哥華嶺南同學會 Mr Kevin K.B. Kwok Email:  
Lingnan University Alumni Association, San Francisco 嶺南大學三藩市同學會 Mr Joseph Chow     Email:  

Lingnan University Beijing Alumni Association 嶺南大學北京校友會

梁國忠先生 (會長) Email:  

Lingnan University Guangzhou Alumni Association 嶺南大學廣州校友會

程銳敏女士 Email:

Lingnan University Shanghai Alumni Association 嶺南大學上海校友會