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The First Distinguished Alumni Service Award

Since its re-establishment in Hong Kong in 1967, Lingnan University has transformed from a post-secondary college with 100 students to a top 10 liberal arts institution in Asia and nurtured over 26,000 graduates. With its motto “Education for Service”, Lingnan University has committed to the provision of quality liberal arts education for nurturing generations of students with a strong commitment to serving the society.

In celebration of its Golden Jubilee, Lingnan University launches the first Distinguished Alumni Service Award in 2018. The Award is set up for fostering a sense of pride among alumni in being a part of the University while acknowledging and recognizing their outstanding achievement and service to the University and/or society.

The nominations for the first Distinguished Alumni Service Award are now open.  Please nominate the distinguished alumni who have made significant contributions and services to their respective professions, to the community, and/or to the University.

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Deadline for Nomination : 22.9.2018
(Nomination has been closed. Thank you for your support!)