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CAI Peihao Patrick


Transition from the professional sphere to academia.

Patrick, CAI Peihao, is a Senior Operations Specialist at the headquarters of Heytea in Shenzhen, who constantly pursues breakthroughs and improvements. However, he has another identity other than “office worker”, he is a magic master at Lingnan University, bringing surprises and joy to the alumni and classmates. Patrick's fascination with magic began in 2008 when he was captivated by a mesmerizing rubber band trick performed by Liu Qian at the Spring Festival Gala. This intrigue led him to join his high school's magic club in his first year. As he puts it, "Interest is the best teacher".

Graduated from human resource management, Patrick found his shortcomings after working for a few years. He wanted to learn and improve to be more systematic, so he decided to pursue a higher degree during the pandemic. He chose Hong Kong, a place across the sea from Shenzhen, a place that is safe but challenging enough for a Shenzhen native. He spent some time planning, collecting information and analysing, and finally chose the master’s program of “Organizational Psychology and Educational Management” at Lingnan University. This program covers practical courses such as branding and marketing, talent, and financial management, managing organizational conflicts, etc., which can enable him to utilize his experience and improve his overall proficiency fully.

Cherished Memories of Lingnan University
During his study life at Lingnan University, Patrick not only gained knowledge and skills, but also friendship and emotion. Despite the challenges of late-night study sessions, final exams, and project presentations, he was thankful for the sense of camaraderie and trust that developed among his peers. Especially in the second half of 2022, while he could not go home due to the pandemic lockdown, he was sharing the bits and pieces of life, exploring the local customs and cultural diversity of Hong Kong with his classmates, like a family.

Their bond deepened when Patrick contracted the coronavirus and his classmates rallied to support him, pooling their limited resources to create DIY treatment packages for him. This display of solidarity during tough times left a deep impression on Patrick, further strengthening his appreciation of their friendship. What impressed Patrick the most included the liberal arts education as well. Patrick had a very good relationship with his professors even outside the classroom. He shared his wonderful hall life in Lingnan, and the different kinds of student activities participated on the Wong On Plaza.

During his time at the university, Patrick had the privilege of performing magic at four major school events - the Mid-Autumn Festival, Graduate School Graduation Dinner, 2023 Alumni Homecoming Day and the Shenzhen Christmas Party. He refers to these performances not just as magic shows but as his way of showing gratitude to his alma mater and his teachers. Despite his busy schedule, he never missed an opportunity to perform at these events and relive his memories of the campus.

To Patrick, magic is more than just tricks; it's an art form that can touch people's hearts and share emotions and values. He spends his weekends at the Shenzhen library, using magic to make reading fun for children. He also performs regularly at corporate events.

Magic and joy.
One significant encounter with a young boy longing for more time with his busy father made Patrick realize that he could use magic to bring warmth and comfort, not just entertainment. This led him to create two magic programs - one to inspire audiences with stories of family, love, and friendship, and another to teach children about the science behind magic, boosting their creativity and confidence.

Looking back, Patrick sees his transformation from a timid student to a confident magician and professional. He remains committed to his dreams and passions, striving to excel both in his career in the tea-drink industry and in creating magical experiences. He believes in the power of magic to deliver real 'miracles' and 'surprises', and he looks forward to continuing his journey of growth and discovery.