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Charles Yeung

Seizing the Opportunity: Leading the Advancement of Environmental Hygiene Companies During the Pandemic

In both life and work, we always yearn for someone who can truly recognize our talents when they encounter us. Charles Yeung, a graduate of BBA Marketing and International Business in 2017, is one fortunate individual who has encountered such recognition. Currently serving as the Business Development Director at Amala Group, where he began as a sales executive in the telecommunications division under the company group after graduation, his proactive and exceptional performance caught the attention of his boss, Dr. Stephen Suen, who recognized Charles as a promising talent. Dr. Suen provided him with opportunities for promotion and facilitated career transitions. Shifting career paths can be challenging, but Charles embraced it with enthusiasm. He reflects, “The sales and marketing industry has equipped me with fundamental workplace training, encompassing communication skills and adaptability. These skills enable me to assume pivotal roles as an integral cog in any industry I find myself in the future.”
Outgoing Personality: Thriving in the Field of Active Sales
Lingnan University is the first university in Hong Kong to provide four-year on-campus accommodation for all undergraduate students. Before entering Lingnan, Charles had numerous fantasies and great longing for university life. His belief that a business degree would open up more job opportunities led him to enroll in the BBA program at Lingnan University, where he fulfilled his dream of four years of on-campus living. During his university years, Charles had a close circle of like-minded friends who shared similar values and interests. However, his brief stint working part-time at a clinic revealed that the confines of office work did not align with his aspirations.

As a result, he made a decision to pursue a career in sales and marketing. After graduation, he joined a telecommunications company, where he was responsible for the B2B market, focusing on long-distance calls and business conferencing services. In addition to maintaining good relationships with existing clients, he had to prepare business proposals and explore new customer sources. After working for three and a half years, he encountered his first opportunity to switch career paths. Charles shared, "The group I work for has multiple business departments, including telecommunications, real estate, and antiques, among others. If you perform well and there are vacancies in other departments, you can consider transitioning to those departments."
Venturing into Myanmar: Broadening Perspectives
In February 2020, while the company was undertaking a real estate development in Myanmar, Charles internally transferred to the real estate division and was required to travel to Yangon, Myanmar to oversee property management. The call came one weekend evening, catching him off guard. His manager explained the vacant overseas position and hoped Charles could assume the role and depart the next day. After discussed with his family, Charles believed that the new position leaned towards management and decision-making, presenting a favourable opportunity. Also, he believed that Myanmar was a rapidly developing country. With enthusiasm, he accepted this rare invitation and set off for Myanmar just two days later.
During his time there, Charles took charge of facilitating communication between external and internal parties. This involved coordinating the final walkthroughs with the sales and engineering departments, as well as addressing inquiries from overseas investors hailing from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and other regions. These investors expressed keen interest in acquiring office spaces in Myanmar to establish branch offices and accommodate their expanding business operations. However, fate had other plans. After dedicating around six months to his work in Myanmar, the global pandemic erupted, leading to the halt of all local infrastructure projects. Therefore, upon completing his ongoing assignments, Charles returned to Hong Kong alongside his colleagues. This experience exposed him to the challenges and opportunities inherent in working abroad, fostering personal growth, and broadening his professional horizons.
Entering the Environmental Hygiene Sector: Exploring Infinite Business Opportunities
Due to the pandemic, many business owners are facing difficult operating and considering the quality of air ventilation. Charles’s boss had an existing commercial partnership with an air purifier company and hence decided to repackage the air purifiers and establish the brand Amala, Charles stepped into the role of Business Development Director, and what began as a small team of three has now blossomed into a robust team of 50. Initially, Amala’s focus centred solely on air purifiers. However, the pandemic’s influence catapulted the brand into the spotlight, prompting them to explore opportunities within the environmental hygiene industry. While this sector may appear traditional, its significance cannot be overstated. In the bustling Hong Kong market, potential clients abound—NGOs, schools, office buildings, and residential estates—all seeking solutions for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Charles acknowledges that Hong Kong already boasts several industry leaders, so the challenge lies in developing Amala’s unique brand identity within this competitive landscape.

As the Business Development Director, Charles immersed himself in acquiring essential knowledge and charting new paths. Within the environmental hygiene sector, he actively engages with industry associations and attends chamber of commerce events. These interactions provide invaluable opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals, analyse competitors’ strengths, and draw inspiration from their experiences. Leveraging their extensive portfolio of commercial clients, Charles and the team aim to propel Amala’s new ventures forward, building upon the company’s 20+ years of customer base.

Additionally, his discovered that Hong Kong, as a subtropical region, grapples with persistent challenges such as high humidity and frequent pest problems, making environmental hygiene a pressing issue that has helped many people.

As the pandemic surged, the company faced a deluge of inquiries—at least 20 new business inquiries every day. Despite the demanding workload, this period marked a significant stride in the company's development. Charles recalled a particular early morning when he received a call from a restaurant owner urgently requesting their team to clean the establishment before opening that day. Fortunately, the team promptly arrived before 7 am, ensuring a seamless opening for the restaurant. This swift and attentive response gained appreciation and customer loyalty, leading to the establishment of a devoted customer base within just a few short years.

Encouraging Students to Explore and Seize Opportunities
Great opportunities don't come every day. Charles excels at seizing such opportunities, he consistently encourages students to continuously enhance their skills and embrace new endeavours, emphasizing that their choice of academic discipline should not restrict their career options. "Work is not always smooth sailing. During our studies, we can choose our teammates, but we cannot choose our colleagues and clients in the workplace. We must navigate various interpersonal relationships and work challenges with caution." Besides, based on his experience as an interviewer, he shares advice that the self-introduction is important. He often observes the traits and attitudes of candidates. While most of them may respond with, "I studied business, so I am applying for a job in business," he finds such an answer less ideal. Instead, he encourages students to share their personal development and goals, effectively showcasing their unique qualities and motivations for seeking employment.

More Information:
Charles works for Dr. Stephen Suen, who is a current member of the Court of Lingnan University. Dr. Suen has consistently shown great support and made generous donation to Lingnan University. He previously donated funds for the establishment and operation of the Chamber of Young Snow Art Exhibition Hall. Currently, the gallery is hosting an exhibition with the theme of “Sensing Things”, showcases private collection and treasures on loan from the Chamber of Young Snow at the Tuen Mun campus. For reservation: