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Justline Chan

Venturing Beyond the Comfort Zone - an Adventure in Mexico

What does "Comfort Zone" mean to you? For some, it is a realm of fear, for others, it signifies an extraordinary opportunity to unlock life’s endless possibilities. This time, we have the pleasure to hear from Justline CHAN, an alumna of class of 2022 with a degree in Contemporary English Studies. She shared her journey of the solo adventure in Mexico, showcasing her determination to explore and grow outside her comfort zone.

Finding Joy in Learning: Exploring Future Paths
Looking back on her background in the past, Justline, initially a science student, switched to English in university. She enjoyed the process of critical thinking especially during lessons of literary analysis. One of her most memorable courses was “Literary analysis in Films”, with the guidance from professor, films like “Star Wars” led her to ponder the historical background, metaphors, and even religious beliefs underlying. In year 2, Justline gradually realized that her past part-time job in education was unfulfilling. She, therefore, decided to take a minor in Human Resources Management in the same year to explore more possibilities. She has internships in different industries such as accounting and banking, which helped her discover her affinity for the business sector's culture and growth potential.

Exciting University Life: Meeting Lifelong Mentors and Friends
Justline served as the Chairperson of the 4th Committee of Fu Tei Bookstore. During the term, she made lifelong friends and gained experiences in planning and organizing various activities, including charity sales and BookCrossing. The most profound experience was organizing an online music concert with a theme of LGBT+, which she learnt how to maximize limited resources. At the Graduation Dinner 2022, Justline was one of the class representatives who expressed gratitude for the support she received from Lingnan University during her four years of study. After graduation, she maintained a close relationship with her professors and shared updates with each other periodically. She is grateful for everyone she met in Lingnan and cherishes the lasting impact Lingnan has had on her life.
A Solo Journey to Mexico: The Sea Turtle Conservation Project
In late July, Justline joined a Sea Turtle Conservation Project organized by Vive México. She resigned from her job and embarked on a solo journey to Mexico, eager to learn and explore. She enthusiastically shared her experience, "Collecting turtle eggs is the primary task of sea turtle conservation work. Although each turtle mother lays around 90 to 100 eggs, their survival rate is as low as 1%. We all hope to increase the opportunities of survival for these turtles." She explained that the collected eggs need to be carefully moved to a conservation centre for incubation. After successful hatching, the newborn baby turtles undergo swimming training in fresh water to reduce risk of drowning when they return to the sea. She also participated in beach cleaning activities to create a better environment for both sea turtles and nature. A highlight of her trip was witnessing sea turtles nesting. “It is a rare occurrence since sea turtles mostly lay their eggs at midnight or dawn! I still remember the warmth I felt at that moment.”
Importance of Work-Life Balance
Regarding her future career plans, Justline currently works as a business analyst at an IT company, where she is responsible for executing different projects and she is keen to continue in this field. Furthermore, she serves as one of the executive committee members of Rotaract Club of Hong Kong City North, regularly organizing community service activities. When asked about managing different responsibilities amidst a busy work schedule, she emphasized that prioritization is key. Through various duties in her university life, she understood the importance of prioritization and multitasking. “I hope to establish a social service volunteering platform in the future, which provides overseas volunteer opportunities and financial support, especially for students from grassroots families.”
Advice for the Confused
Justline's message to those feeling lost is that university is a platform to try new things and learn from failures. She advises not to underestimate oneself and emphasizes that self-discovery is key to future exploration. She believes that stepping out of one's comfort zone, despite the fear of uncertainty, is an essential step towards personal growth.