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Katharina Josefine Kuhn

On 30 August 2023, we welcomed a foreign Lingnanian coming back to Lingnan University! Her name is Katharina Josefine Kuhn (known as Josy), a 2018 graduate of the Master of Science in International Banking and Finance (MIBF) Programme from Germany. Josy was having a trip in mainland China while she decided to spend a week to visit Hong Kong, the city which was once her hometown for almost a year.
Josy shared with us the lovely memories at Lingnan University during her visit. She admired the teachers who shared interesting and inspiring topics beyond the lectures. She treasured the leisure time she had with friends and flatmates she met at Lingnan hostel. She mostly appreciated the scholarship offered and the opportunity working under a professor as a research assistant. One of the most unforgettable experiences Josy had at Lingnan was the immense exposure of cultural difference. Due to the ethnic diversity in the student hostel, she was able to encounter cultures and traditions from different countries such as African dancing, pakistani birthday celebration etc.
Josy is currently working as a Sustainability Manager in a German local bank named Raiffeisenbank im Oberland eG , where she can apply her learnings and skills into work, for example, the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) investment. Recently, Josy also started taking freelance jobs of writing and publishing journals as she grew an interest in studying culture. She recalled joining a special Christian gathering at the University, where people of other religions were being invited too. She was surprised to see how various cultures and religion could come together in peace, listen to and respect each other in a friendly and united way. Thanks to the enriching learning experience Josy had at Lingnan, she realized the importance of celebrating cultural difference and started engaging in cultural activities.
On the same day, we invited Josy and Dr Kent Lai who taught her, to have lunch together at the Lingnanian’s Chinese restaurant, Lingnan House. They talked everything under the sun and had a joyful time catching up. (Josy also revealed that Lingnan House was where she first experienced the renowned Guangzhou Cuisine, Dim Sum Chicken Feet. The scene was still vivid in her mind.)
Before parting ways, we showed Josy around the Lingnan campus and said goodbye in front of the Library. Gazing at the newly renovated library, Josy looked happy and satisfied. Hope Josy had a beautiful afternoon at Lingnan University, which drew her trip in Hong Kong to a perfect end.