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Kelly Tse

Stepping onto the News Anchor Desk: Embracing Challenges and Unknown
Many people are curious about the day-to-day life of news anchors and whether their work environment is as intense as a battlefield, bustling with interviews and reports at every turn. In this issue, we invited Kelly TSE, an alumna of class of 2022 with a degree in Marketing, who is currently working as a news anchor at i-CABLE, to share her experiences in the field. After graduation, she dabbled as a freelancer in various career avenues, finally finding her calling in news broadcasting, encouraged by friends. Her willingness to embrace challenges propels her continual learning in this industry, uncovering new fascinations daily.

Passionate Involvement in Student Societies: Debut as a Leading Drama Actress
Unlike other business disciplines with fixed standard answers, Marketing demands creativity and adaptability. Kelly chose Marketing as her major because she believed it would provide a diverse experience that fitting her energetic personality. Her vibrant university life involved hostel living, participation in various campus shootings, and membership in the Dance Society. Throughout her four university years, she attended twice the annual event “Joint U Mass Dance”. She said, “We had dance training four to five nights per week and met each teammate almost every day. Even though we came from different backgrounds and studied different majors, we always had endless topics to share and we had become close friends.” Furthermore, Kelly served as a committee member of Kwun Tong Outstanding Students’ Association, where she organized different inter-school competitions and mock exams, gaining valuable experience in event planning.

In her final year, encouraged by her friends, she participated in the selection of Drama Society and secured the lead role of “若晴” in the play ”Encounter 1970”. Drama, with its live performances, brings unexpected scenarios, testing an actor's adaptability. As her very first leading actress in drama, she faced an unexpected occurrence during the live show. “During the show, my partner hadn’t come onstage yet, and there was a lighting malfunction. I was initially panicked but persevered and continued performing. Fortunately, my character was supposed to be tipsy, so I improvised a few lines until my partner appeared. The audience probably didn’t notice anything unusual, but it was really thrilling!” Since then, she discovered her enjoyment of performing on stage and continued to participate in various dramas after graduation, pursuing different acting opportunities.
A New Joiner and Explorer as a News Anchor
Post-graduation, Kelly worked as a freelancer in human resources but found it unfulfilling. Her journey into news anchoring began when her journalist friend mentioned an opening at her workplace and prompted Kelly to apply. Eventually, she was hired and underwent a two-week training, which covered topics such as preparation for breaking news, makeup trial, technical assessments. “Everything in this industry was completely new to me. I remembered my very first appearance on camera. I was extremely nervous and trembling that I had to use my hands to steady myself,” she recalled. She explained that being a news anchor involving more than just reading scripts, she has to Wrap Up (news summarization) and Ad Lib (voice-over with no script during live broadcasts), which is the most challenging part to her as she needs to stay alert and focus to deliver accurate news to audience. During her first six months, Kelly experienced a few anecdotes. “That was my second live broadcast. I was supposed to say “an airplane”, but I mispronounced it as “a car”. The director immediately informed me through my earphones for correction, but my family still caught it!” From her sharing, she expressed her appreciation from her biggest fans – family.

Going Forward, Kelly wishes to continue refining her skills as a news anchor, fueled by her passion. "In this career, I engage with daily news, including local and international news, sports, and finance. Each piece of news is interconnected with its history and background. Doing research before reporting helps me gain a deeper understanding and perspective on different matters," she shared.

Seizing Every Opportunity and Embracing Unknown
“No Regrets” had been Kelly’s motto since her youth, and this fearless mindset has propelled her to seize opportunities, whether as a leading drama actress or a news anchor. She advises those interested in news anchoring to develop skills in diction, adjusting the attitude and adaptability. "Don't fear new challenges. Starting with a blank slate gives you the greatest capacity to learn. By embracing unknown, you can become a ‘sponge’, growing through the process of absorbing and expanding your knowledge.”