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Vincent Ng

Leveraging History Background for Educational Breakthroughs
When it comes to stereotypes about studying history, it is generally seen as dull and boring, discussing about the past that seem disconnected from present life. Mr. Vincent Ng, a graduate of the History Department in 2017 is currently involved in developing moral education curriculum materials for primary and secondary schools under the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. He describes history graduates are generally very adaptive. "We see things in different angles and understand the developing history of varies occasions. We could work in various fields and positions, leverage our strengths by understanding how society operated and changed."
Influence of Outspoken Hallmate : Courageously Stepping Forward
From a young age, Vincent was influenced by his elders, fostering a deep interest in Chinese history that led him to devour historical books. His grounding in the liberal arts enabled him to excel in his studies of Chinese history, earning him top scores of "5" and "5*" in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE). However, his weaker foundation in mathematics hindered him from gaining university acceptance. As a result, Vincent chose to pursue a two-year associate degree before transitioning into the second year of the History Department at Lingnan University. Hostel life was probably the most exciting part of Vincent’s student life, he mentioned that there were 30 male students on the same floor, along with a hall tutor making a total of 31 people. They often hosted outings and dinners together. Vincent appreciated the balance of work and play among his roommates who graduated with first-class honours and charmed the peers with his diligence. "This roommate motivated us to study together and cultivated a strong sense of belonging to the university. During leisure time, he participated in President’s forums, departmental and hostel meetings, and actively expressed his opinions. Such personalities were relatively rare in the History Department, and it greatly inspired me." Later on, Vincent proactively involved himself with several local student groups outside the university to broaden his perspective and create more opportunities for idea exchange and discussion with others.
Fostering Historical Perspective for Educational Endeavours
After graduating from the University, Vincent had the opportunity to join Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre where he got to know the channels for further studying in Mainland China, and he enrolled in the Master's program in History at Peking University. Later, he joined Tung Wah Museum where he primarily contributed to the exhibition commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals' establishment. He was involved in compiling historical exhibition materials. He felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction when he saw his ideas were transformed into display boards and showed to the public and students. Vincent's current role primarily involves compiling teaching materials for moral and civic education for primary and secondary schools under the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. In addition to writing materials, he also coordinates with esteemed tutors for teachers’ training. He shared that the plan aims to integrate education and values education, however, it is a new challenge, everyone is learning through experience. For example, in the subject of Chinese Language, they incorporate values into history, and in the General Studies, when students learn about medical resources and how hospitals operate, they also need to know correct values and remind them to cherish public resources.

The relevant teaching materials have now been completed in the writing phase, and it is planned that, upon approval, a three-year pilot program will be implemented in Tung Wah Group of Hospitals' affiliated schools. Vincent, thrilled about the program, also expressed his desire to earn an educational diploma and become a school teacher to observe the practical application of his work. He stated, "Although this curriculum incorporates Tung Wah history, its practical implementation primarily revolves around well-known and subject-specific moral and civic education knowledge. Therefore, I wish to personally teach the students and use my experience to encourage other teachers to support and promote the program."
Alumni Engagement: Inspiring Young Students to Pursue Excellence
Vincent was the Chairman of the 3rd Alumni Association of the History Department of Lingnan University, he aimed to provide academic and career guidance to younger students with few committees. He also became a founding member of the Lingnan University Undergraduate Alumni Association. However, due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, academic commitments and heavy workload, he was unable to fully dedicate himself to the alumni association's work. Currently, he serves as an alumni ambassador, hoping to contribute and enhance the University's image.

During the interview month, the Alumni Relations Team organized a Cantonese class for the students who came from Mainland China. As an alumni ambassador, Vincent was invited as one of the session’s tutor to teach about workplace’s conversation. He was impressed by the proactive questioning and responses from the Mainland students, which recalling the memory of his experience when studying the Master's degree.  Most of his Mainland classmates were helpful and had clear goals. Upon entering university, they had already begun to shape their career paths. For instance, those aspiring to be civil servants knew to gain relevant experience throughout their university years. Additionally, academically gifted students in my class would voluntarily assist those struggling with their grades, sharing their thought processes. This was indeed noteworthy." He holds the view that the recent influx of Mainland students at Lingnan University has enhanced the environment for dialogue and urges local students to leverage this opportunity for shared development.