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Wan Kwok Wing

Lifelong Learning Principal: Wholeheartedly upholding the Spirit of Education

Education provides students with an extraordinary opportunity to explore the world around them. During our formative years, we all desire a mentor who can light our way towards a brighter future. Drawing from his personal experience, Mr WAN Kwok Wing, emphasizes that education extends beyond mere knowledge transfer and includes essential elements of care and support for students. His motto, “Life is a stage. Once you find the right direction and position, that is your opportunity to shine,” carries an inspiring message that fuels his students' motivation.

Growth with Inspiring Mentors and Chinese Education
Mr. WAN's interest in the Chinese Language blossomed during his secondary school years, inspired by his Chinese Literature teacher. He also cultivated a habit of submitting articles to newspapers and magazines. When it came to the time of choosing a university major, he deliberated between Advertising Design and Vocal Studies. Ultimately, he chose Chinese at Lingnan University and transformed his vocal training into a hobby. The Liberal Arts Education at Lingnan University fostered a closer relationship between students and teachers. “Bonding between teachers and students” is one of his most cherished experience in Lingnan. He expressed deep admiration and gratitude to professors and said, “I was fortunate to encounter great mentors such as Prof Joseph LAU, Prof LEUNG Ping Kwan (also known as Yesi), Prof LEE Hung Kai, Prof Mary WONG. Their sincere guidance made a profound impact on my teaching approach. I still remember how Prof LEE Hung Kai would invite our class to his home for dinner after school!” Encouraged by his professors, he decided to study a Master of Arts in Chinese at his alma mater and maintained close connections with his fellow classmates and teachers.
Navigating Misunderstandings in Teacher-Student Relationships
Mr WAN made the decision to enter Education Industry after all rounded career planning. He believes that the role of the teacher goes beyond imparting knowledge, it also involves handling various administrative work and interpersonal relationships, especially with students. He shared an anecdote about “reconnecting” with a student while attending an award ceremony, he met a student who he had taught before, who was awarded the Dean’s List with outstanding achievements. He recalled advising the student to study liberal arts based on her language abilities and personality. However, she misunderstood his suggestion and even felt that she was being looked down upon. Eventually, she pursued a degree in Translation in Lingnan University and finally understood Mr. WAN’s suggestion.
Sharing Teaching and Industry Insights
Unlike the stereotypical image of discipline teachers, Mr WAN is amiable and approachable. He shared his philosophy on interacting with students – “Flexibility”. He agrees that over-punishment is ineffective and potentially harmful to the teacher-student relationship. “Communication is the most crucial part of interaction, while punishment is only one of the methods. More importantly, guiding students to have independent thinking and be responsible for their mistakes,” he explained. He also highlighted the importance of emotional management for discipline teachers. They must bear in mind that “Judgement” is on a matter but not a person, ensuring that students will not feel targeted. When asked about a memorable case in his teaching career, he recalled, “There was a girl who always hung out with marginalized youth and engaged in various misconduct. Fortunately, she stayed at our school after passing her promotion exam in Form 3 and distanced herself from the gang. As her class teacher, I repeatedly advised and helped her understand the importance of studying and planning for her own future. At the end, she returned to the right path and enrolled in a Bachelor of Communication Studies. Last year, she even invited me to attend her wedding!” Life influencing life. Mr WAN never gives up and always commits to his students, especially in transforming a “troublemaker” into an inspiring student. “She is undoubtedly my pride in my career.”
Encouraging Newcomers and Envisioning Teaching Prospects
During the “Lingnan Roundtable” event in October, Mr. WAN was invited to share his insights into the education industry as the Vice-Principal of S.T.F.A. Lee Shau Kee College. Many participants sought advice proactively, which made him realize the intense competition faced by the new generation. Discussing his teaching expectations, he expressed a desire to guide students in establishing career plans and life directions. He emphasized that nowadays, students can easily access different information and understand international development online. He advised juniors interested in the education industry to adopt a mindset of lifelong learning, be willing to try new things, and understand their own value.