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Office of Student Affairs

Latest News

NSO 2023

New Student Orientation 2023

Lingnan University welcomes over 1,000 new undergraduate students with diverse orientation activities


Lingnan University (LU) organised a wide range of online orientation activities from 9 August to welcome new undergraduate students, and held the face-to-face New Student Orientation (NSO) and Official Welcome today (25 August).  (Read more)



bug war against food waste

Bug Wars against Food Waste Project 

Bug Wars against Food Waste Project to reduce food waste on campus and raise public awareness

Lingnan University has launched its Bug Wars against Food Waste Project in order to both reduce food waste and turn it into a useful asset.

Black soldier flies are fed with food waste collected from student hostels and canteens, turning into organic fertiliser for the Lingnan Gardeners Project and plants on campus, as well as quality feed for animals on campus.

(Read more)


National Flag Raising Etiquette Competition for the Youth

The President Prof. Leonard K. Cheng
and the 4 Lingnan awardees

Lingnan students shine in the National Flag Raising Etiquette Competition for the Youth

Jointly organized by the “Seeds of Hope” and the “Hong Kong Army Cadets Association”, the very first territory-wide “National Flag Raising Etiquette Competition for the Youth” (香港青少年升國旗儀式比賽) was successfully held on 4 September 2022. Four members of the “Lingnan Student Flag Raising Team” formed a team to join this competition. With the concerted effort of the students, the Lingnan Team was the champion of the competition (Tertiary Institution Category) and the Lingnan student Mr Cai Jianyu Herman also received “The Most Outstanding Flag Bearer” award in the competition. Let’s congratulate the Lingnan awardees on obtaining excellent results in this competition!

Lingnan awardees in this competition include:
  • Cai Jianyu Herman (BA (Hons) in Animation and Digital Arts, Year 4)
  • Hui Qiuyuan Lancelot (BSocSc (Hons) Business Psychology, Year 3)
  • Wang Heng Henry (BBA (Hons) in Risk and Insurance Management, Year 4)
  • Zhan Aifan Effie (BA (Hons) in Chinese, Year 4)

(Read more)

LU Chinese Debate Team

LU Chinese Debate Team 

LU wins Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition 2022 championship

The Chinese Debate Team of Lingnan University (LU) won the Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition on 14 August 2022. LU also won the championship in 2016 and 2019.


The LU team outperformed the HKU team in the semi-finals, and competed with the EdU team in the final on the topic “War is inevitable in the development of mankind”. LU’s third debater Lam Yuk-sang (BBA, Year 3) and second debater Chui Wing-in (Social Science, Year 3) received the Best Debater awards in the finals and semi-finals respectively. (Read more)

Recitation Arts Festival

the 23rd Qi Yue Recitation Arts Festival and
National College Students Recitation Conference Competition

LU team wins three awards at the 23rd Qi Yue Recitation Arts Festival and National College Students Recitation Conference Competition

LU has won three awards at the 23rd Qi Yue Recitation Arts Festival and National College Students Recitation Conference Competition of the Ministry of Education and the National Language Commission of the People’s Republic of China, organised by the Communication University of China (CUC). (Read more)


Tuen Mun Sports Fair 2022

LU Woodball Team actively promoted the woodball
sports to the visitors at the Tuen Mun Sports Fair.

Opening Ceremony of Tuen Mun Sports Fair

On “Sport For All Day 2022” (全民運動日) (7 Aug 2022), the Opening Ceremony of the “Tuen Mun Sports Fair” organized by the Tuen Mun Local Committee on Services for Young People of the Social Welfare Department was successfully held at Lingnan. As a member of the committee, the Office of Student Affairs not only sponsored the venue but also joined hands with 13 local units of youth services to organize diversified activities for nearly 200 youths of the Tuen Mun district. The Opening Ceremony was officiated by Ms Ho Yuen-ming, District Social Welfare Officer (Tuen Mun), and also sparkled by the sharing and demonstration by Mr Hugo Leung, top dart player of Hong Kong, and B-Boy Four (陳瑩駿先生), breakdance representative of Hong Kong.

Six experiential booths of newly emerged sports had been organized on the event day, at which the LU Woodball Team had also actively promoted the Woodball sports to the visitors.

The Opening Ceremony of the “Tuen Mun Sports Fair” also marks the commencement of the month-long sports promotion activities in Tuen Mun, which include the “Youth Dart Competition in Tuen Mun” and a series of sports courses that will be held at various youth centres at Tuen Mun. For details and enrolment, please visit the programme website:


National Flag Raising Ceremony on 1 July 2022

The Lingnan University Student Flag Raising Team contributed to the solemn National Flag Raising Ceremony on campus on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

Being the first university student flag raising team in Hong Kong, the Lingnan University Student Flag Raising Team contributed to the solemn National Flag Raising Ceremony which was held on campus on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (1 July 2022). Mr Andrew Yao Cho Fai, BBS, JP, Chairman of the Council, Mr Alan Lung Ka Lun, member of the Council, Prof Joshua Mok Ka Ho, Acting President of the University, Prof. Li Dong-hui, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) of the University, heads of departments, wardens, staff, local and non-local students have participated in this solemn National Flag Raising Ceremony.

Since its inception in January 2022, the members of the Lingnan University Student Flag Raising Team have been receiving intensive training offered by the Hong Kong Army Cadets Association. The Lingnan University Student Flag Raising Team is a good mix of undergraduates, postgraduates, and students from Lingnan Institute of Further Education. Students who are interested in the solemn duties of flag raising ceremony are cordially invited to join us in the future.

NSL Seminar Guests

Invited guests from Lingnan University and
Hong Kong Central District Commerce and Industry Association

Seminar on Hong Kong Security Law

“Hong Kong National Security Law and Me” was successfully held online on 27 April 2022.

This seminar was jointly organized by the Office of Student Affairs and the Hong Kong Central District Commerce and Industry Association. Mr. Andy Tse, Partner of Suns Lawyers, had brought our attention to the significance of the Hong Kong National Security Law. Over 120 students and staff from Lingnan University participated in the event via the online platform.

Mr. Andy Tse highlighted the legislation backgrounds of the national security law and its related four offenses, namely secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces to endanger national security. Mr. Tse answered students’ questions and exchanged his views on the relationships between the Basic Law, Freedom of Speech, and National Security Law.


Entrance Scholarships for Elite Athletes

Elite athletes supported to pursue both sports and academic excellence

The outstanding performances and extraordinary achievements of Hong Kong athletes at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 not only delighted the city, but aroused people’s enthusiasm for playing and following sports, and stimulated discussions and reviews of Hong Kong’s sports policies, in particular support for talented athletes. (Read more)


Student Awardees

Students received gifts for active participation

Virtual Career Fair@LingnanU brought graduate and internship opportunities to students

The Virtual Career Fair@LingnanU was successfully held in October 2021 with 51 exhibitors in total.  The Fair showcased a number of graduate and internship programmes offered by companies, professional firms, and NGOs, with job nature covering fields in auditing, banking, business services, business development, IT, communications, e-commerce, event management & production, fashion retail, fintech, finance & securities, HR & training, logistics, marketing, management consulting, media, digital media, insurance, research, startups, web development, education and community services.  Over 5500 current students and recent graduates registered for the Fair. The Fair had held 8 career events including recruitment talks, Job Hunting Forum and CV consultation sessions on 21-22 Oct; and twelve additional webinars were spread out in October and November to accommodate the requests from Fair exhibitors in recruiting Lingnan students and graduates for their graduate and career development programmes.

One of the highlights of the Fair was the hybrid Job Hunting Forum chaired by two outstanding alumni Mr. Nathaniel Lam and Mr. Brendan Kwok. Both shared useful tips on job hunting and insights on career planning whilst challenging students to have a growth mindset in preparation for workplace transformation. Another highlight was the career webinar presented by the Quebec Office in Hong Kong, Consulate General of Canada, introducing students and graduates to the life and culture in Quebec and the job market and recent vacancies offered by Quebec’s industries for Hong Kong and Asian talents. Both events were highly received by students.

The October virtual fair also had a Leaderboard feature where students could accumulate credits through participation in Fair activities. The student with the highest participation score was presented with a Kindle.

There will be over 70 exhibitors for the our next Virtual Career Fair@LingnanU on 9-10 March 2022.  Come join us again and hunt for all the excellent graduate and internship opportunities.

Virtual Campus Life Carnival

Virtual Campus Life Carnival

Virtual Campus Life Carnival offers students new interactive ways to enjoy university life

At the beginning of the new academic year, the Office of Student Affairs organised the first Virtual Campus Life Carnival on 7 September 2021 as part of New Student Orientation 2021, offering new and returning students an opportunity to learn about Lingnan’s rich campus life, and join societies, teams and groups. (Read more)



Two Outstanding Lingnan C.Connects members were named Outstanding Tertiary Students 2021

Justline Chan Ngar Kiu (Contemporary English Studies, Year 3) and Anson Yu On Sang (Translation, Year 3) have been awarded in the “Outstanding Tertiary Students Selection 2021” (傑出大專生選舉2021) and being one of the ten awardees of this territory-wide competition. Organized by the Junior Chamber International City, Hong Kong (JCI City), this competition aims at nurturing future leaders by unleashing their potentials. The competition was kicked start in the first quarter of 2021 and has attracted applications from several hundred students from local tertiary institutions.

Justline and Anson are both active members of the Lingnan C.Connects Programme who always take a leading role in various community services programmes. In view of their outstanding performance and devotion, Justline and Anson have received a number of community services scholarships and awards, including the “Hong Kong Outstanding Youth Volunteers Scheme” which is administered by the Social Welfare Department, through which their devotion towards community services are highly commended.

(Read more)


Easyjobs Student Photo

EasyJobs (Lingnan High-Flyers team)

Lingnan High-Flyers performing outstandingly in the Shenzhen Guangming District Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition – Hong Kong Area

Two Lingnan High-flyers teams, EasyJobs and iCurious have competed for the Shenzhen Guangming District Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The group of EasyJobs with Lingnan High-Flyers Chan Kong Man, Eddie (studying Global Liberal Arts, Year 3) and Leung Tsz Ying (studying Global Liberal Arts, Year 2) won the third place in the competition, while iCurious was shortlisted as one of the 15 teams in the final round.

About Lingnan High-Flyers Programme



Lee Wing In

Lee Wing In, Year 2 of the Higher Diploma
in Sports Coaching and Leadership

[USFHK Annual Athletic Meet] LU athlete won the bronze medal

The 59th USFHK Annual Athletic Meet was held on 25 April 2021 at Joint Sports Centre. Lee Wing In (Year 2 of the Higher Diploma in Sports Coaching and Leadership), the member of Lingnan University Track and Field team, won the second runner-up in the Women's 800m with the time of 2min 28sec. Lee Wing In was satisfied with her performance in this competition. "Since the level of the USFHK competition is high, I do not have confidence to win the competition. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of my training sessions were reduced recently, and I could only practice more in the last month. So, I am happy to have achieved this result," said Lee Wing In. Moreover, she thanked Lingnan University and her coaches, Chan Ka Chun and Yuen Hon Ting, for their teaching.

Easyjobs Student Photo

LU Service Day 2020-21

In support of Lingnan University’s motto “Education for Service”, Office of Student Affairs coordinates with volunteer-service related student societies and devoted students, including Lingnan C.Connects, Lingnan Wofoo Leaders’ Network and University YMCA (Lingnan University), to organize service projects in LU Service Day. With concerted effort and devotion among students, six service projects had been initiated in this year and they did span from February to March 2021. The NGOs that the student teams were in cooperation with included the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Chai Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (香港中華基督教青年會柴灣長者鄰舍中心), Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Services – Hong Kong (Tung Mun Integrated Youth Service Centre) (基督教香港信義會社會服務部屯門青少年綜合服務中心), New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association – The Wellness Centre (Tuen Mun) (新生精神康復會 – 安泰軒 (屯門)), C. & M.A. Yuen Kei Family Service Centre (宣道會元基家庭服務中心) and the Yuen Long Church (Church of Christ in China) Chow Sung Chu Oi Youth Centre (中華基督教會元朗堂周宋主愛青年中心). Under the threat of COVID-19 pandemic while traditional face-to-face format of community services may not be desirable, students have exerted their flexibility and creativity in designing and conducting the various service projects via online means.

All six service projects were successfully concluded by 27 March 2021 and a wide range of beneficiaries have been cared for, which ranged from the elderly, teenagers, primary school children as well as the people who are in the recovery of mental illnesses. A total of 60 Lingnan volunteers had participated in these service projects and contributed their parts in caring for 100+ beneficiaries in the community. In addition to the very positive feedback received from the beneficiaries and the partnering NGOs, it is encouraging that the participating Lingnan volunteers also found the service projects very meaningful and inspiring while they were interacting with people from different walks of life.


Teams of students

Secondary school principals visited Lingnan

The Office of Student Affairs was happy to meet with the principals from the four schools of Caritas, including Caritas Wu Cheng-chung Secondary School, Caritas St Joseph Secondary School, Caritas Ma On Shan Secondary School, and Caritas Chan Chun Ha Field Studies Centre.  They enjoyed the visit and the meeting with students in understanding better how we had supported them in hostel education, leadership & professional training, career development, and especially the wellness & caring supports under the current challenging environment.   It was our pleasure to have their visit and the opportunity to allow our guests in experiencing the value of liberal arts education.  Moving forward, Lingnan Univerity will be a resource of student mentors in helping to empower the development of their secondary school students on various aspects, and a trusted partner in serving the community together. 

LU graduates

LU graduates

85% LU graduates employed despite a weak job market under COVID-19

Despite the weak economy and the shrinking job opportunities in the local job market due to COVID-19, 85% of our 2020 graduating cohort had received job offers as reported by the recent Graduate Employment Survey 2020. The number of graduate job postings and vacancies received, however, were comparatively 20% less than the previous year. With the Support Fund for 2020 Graduates, OSA’s Lingnan University Anti-adversity Graduate Employment and Training Programme was launched immediately in May 2020 to provide career assistance to fresh graduates looking for jobs, and subsidy to employers who had employed Lingnan fresh graduates. The average monthly salary is around HK$15,000 which is similar to last year, while the job hunting period was inevitably tougher as graduates required one to two additional months than before in receiving their first full-time job offer. Around 10% of our graduates continued to further their studies and 4.4% are still seeking for full-time jobs.

Wellness Hotspot

Online Wellness Hotspot Kick-Off Ceremony

Official launch of Wellness Hotspot

The online Wellness Hotspot Kick-Off Ceremony was held successfully on 21 Jan 2021. Around 150 LU staff and students witnessed the official launch. Wellness Hotspot (健康熱點) is an online information hub to publicize the wellness programmes, share psychological well-being and healthy lifestyle information, and provide an additional channel for students to seek counselling services. The core components include Living Well Academy, Wellness Buffet, and Wellness Activities. If you want to know more the details, please visit the "Wellness Hotspot" now!

extra support services to help students tackle COVID-19

Support services to help students tackle COVID-19

University to launch extra support services to help students tackle COVID-19

LU has received a special grant of around HK$2.9 million from the University Grants Committee to increase support services for students, helping them to tackle the COVID-19 challenges facing them from psychological well-being to job seeking.

With the grant, LU will launch a number of new student support services covering mental health and psychological well-being, counselling, career planning and development, and encouraging physical fitness and a healthy life style. Key projects include the “Wellness Hotspot” (Read More)

host family

Lingnan Host Family Scheme

LU host families give non-local students more than companionship and love

Studying abroad requires courage: to leave families and friends for an unknown place is one thing, and to adopt a new way of life, to make new friends, and to take care of oneself while studying is even more difficult. 

The Lingnan Host Family Scheme, launched in 2008 and operated by the Office of Student Affairs. (Read More)


LU student discusses with former US President Bill Clinton about challenges faced during pandemic

Karie discusses with US President Bill Clinton (centre)
and Chelsea Clinton

LU student discusses with former US President Bill Clinton about challenges faced during pandemic

Five projects created by nine Lingnan University (LU) students have been selected for the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) this year, largest in number among other local universities. The projects were related to Peace and Human Rights, and Public Health.
Among them, Karie Chan Ching-yi was being featured in a question-and-answer session and had a conversation with former US President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea Clinton. (Read More)


lingnan debate team

Chinese Debate Team

Chinese Debate Team among top four in the Basic Law Debate Competition

The Lingnan University Chinese Debate Team was bestowed the third runner-up in the 21st Basic Law Debate Competition for Tertiary Students in Hong Kong organised by the Joint Committee for the Promotion of The Basic Law of Hong Kong, among the top four of the 16 participating teams from local tertiary institutions and universities. (Read More)




Men’s Basketball Team

Men’s Basketball Team wins the 2nd runner-up in Jordan Brand Invitational 2019

The Men’s Basketball Team of Lingnan gave an outstanding performance in the Jordan Brand Invitational 2019. The team won all eight matches in the preliminary round, and then defeated The Chinese University of Hong Kong to enter the quarter-finals. They had to fight for the 2nd runner-up after losing to the Vocational Training Council. In the play-off for the third place, Lingnan athletes’ spirit of perseverance defeated The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. (Read More)



Chi Debate Team

Lingnan Chinese Debate Team

Lingnan Chinese Debate Team won the championship in Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition 2019

Lingnan University Chinese Debate Team won the championship in the final match of the Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition 2019 on 27 April 2019, which is co-organized by the Radio & Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and The Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS).  The debate motion is “The advantages outweigh the disadvantages in the MeToo movement in promoting social justice”.  Ms Anna Mak was also awarded the ‘Best Debater”. (Read More)


Awards MDS

Awards Presentation and Reception

Lingnan University awarded over HK$13.5 million scholarships to more than 370 outstanding students

Lingnan University has presented 374 outstanding students with a total of 546 awards and scholarships totalling more than HK$13.5 million during the 2018/19 academic year. The  Awards Presentation and Reception 2019 was held today (8 April 2019), in recognition of their outstanding academic and personal achievements during the 2018/19 academic year. (Read More)



Lingnan High-Flyers Programme

Lingnan High-Flyers to make changes for the needy

In an effort to cultivate outstanding Lingnan students with entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills, and for young people to rise to the challenge and make a positive impact on the society at large, the Lingnan High-Flyers programme was launched in 2018, funded by the generous donation of HK$600,000 from Tin Ka Ping Foundation. (Read more)

Lantern Legend

Lantern Legend 2019

Lantern Legend 2019 puts on cultural diversity at Lingnan

To celebrate the Year of the Pig, the Student Services Centre and the Office of Global Education co-organised the Lantern Legend 2019 on 18 February, an annual carnival that fills the campus with festive Lunar New Year atmosphere. The celebratory occasion also serves as a platform for non-local staff and students to experience the Chinese traditional culture on Lingnan’s multicultural campus. (Read more)

Elite Athletes Study Prog

Elite Athletes Study Programme

Lingnan University and HKSI Sign MOU To Foster Dual Career Pathways for Elite Athletes


Lingnan University and The Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to further boost the substantial support to full-time elite athletes in facilitating their planning on dual career development both in sports and in academics. (Read more)



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