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Bangkok Entrepreneurship Internship

Bangkok Entrepreneurship Internship

Engage and Explore - and be Inspired

* Programme at a pause until further notice.

Launched in 2018, the Bangkok Entrepreneurship Internship is tailored for Lingnan students who are keen to acquire internship experience and at the same time wish to learn more about entrepreneurship. Partnering with Next Step Connections (NEXSTEP), we have custom-made a programme for Lingnan students who wish to intern with start-ups in Bangkok. Value-added components are added so that students, other than getting a practical work exposure, will be able to interact and meet professionals and young entrepreneurs through visits and networking events. 

Application deadline: 1 March 2019 (Fri). Apply online via:​

Programme Highlights

  • Program date: 29 Jun – 10 Aug 2019
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Internship Placements: 5 days a week/approximately 40 hours a week.  Placements will be arranged in Bangkok in start-ups and entrepreneurship settings such as BitKub, Sellorate, Instaroid, Go-Up Work, Octotrip, EKO Communications, MIDAT, Infinity Blockchain Ventures, Everex, Spacess, M1NT Worklouge
  • Cultural Orientation Class: a half-day tour of Bangkok where students will get to know how to use the city transportation system, and visit Bangkok landmarks. A cultural and workplace etiquette session and a local welcome dinner as part of the orientation.
  • Workshop: Deepen students’ understanding on a few hot business topics with a particular focus on the Southeast Asian economic environment
  • Company visits and networking events X 3:  1- Visit startups, international firms or local government bodies 2- Familiarize students with the local business community and the business environment 3- Meeting industry leaders & entrepreneurs
  • In-Country Support:  have access to NSC office located in Bangkok for 24/7 emergency support.
  • Airport Transfers:  Airport transfers (arrival only) will be arranged and included. 
  • Public Transportation:  transportation pass with a start-up fee provided
  • SIM Card: SIM Cards will be provided.
  • Health Insurance: Health, medical and travel insurance included
  • NSC Housing in Bangkok: conveniently located in a hostel in central Bangkok provided. You shall expect a small living space, single bedded rooms but clean and cozy space which will provide a good place to sleep in and energized for the day of activities around Bangkok.
  • Immigration Visa: The Non-Immigrant ED visa fee is not included in the cost of the programme. NSC will assist students during this process by sending the required paperwork to apply at the Royal Thai Consulate in Hong Kong. The process of obtaining a visa takes 48-72 hours. 

Programme Fee

The 6-week Programme fee: HK$19,900@ (fully sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs). The fee includes placement fee, 6-week accommodation in Bangkok, travel and health insurance and all workshops and activities as required by the Internship Programme. However, return air ticket, daily living expenses, ED visa fee, and NSC application fee of US$150 are not included in this Programme Fee. 



Enquiries: Ms Sara Chow T: 2616-7404 | E:


2018 Interns

Michelle Law: 



I am working at a startup company called DevCity, which is a software development company based in Indonesia. This company is founded by a French, and they did not hire any local people at their company, so during the whole internship period, I was mostly working with another intern from the United States. My internship experience was totally different from what I had expected. I worked at a co-working space which I have never tried before, and my boss gave me great freedom towards my work and the working place and working hours were more flexible than what I have experienced in Hong Kong. During this 6 weeks of internship, I mainly worked for the search engine optimization, which I have made some modification on the company’s webpage and created some new backlinks for the company, I also created a new subpage for the company’s webpage. As an accounting student, I have no idea how to finish these tasks at the beginning, therefore I did quite a lot of research and frequently consulted my boss for advice and comments towards my work. Luckily my boss was very satisfied with the work that I did during those weeks and I learned a lot more about the search engine optimization from this internship, which is valuable knowledge for my future.

Lee Yee Lam:


Tenacles working environment

This is my company, Tentacles’ working environment.This place mainly provides the space for artists from various countries to perform their artworks and hold the workshops. It does not like any office in Hong Kong. It is free and we can sit wherever we want for working. 

This internship is the best choice in 2018 for me to learn lots of things and broaden my social circle. At the beginning, the agents told us it is fine to make a mistake because you need to learn from it. Therefore, it became a principle for me as an intern. I have learnt so many thing here but not only the working responsibilities, but also the life principle which can be used in my entire life. This internship also change my vision of Thailand. Because I have only been to Thailand once for traveling but the internship gave me definitely different feeling from traveling. I met lots of nice people. They are optimistic and feel happy about everything. They do not argue about anything about money with their friends. They always invited us to dinner for free. They always smile to us and always be helpful. At the end of the day, I learnt the lifestyle and attitude from Thailand and Thai people. That’s the great transformation to become a better me after finishing this internship.

Daisy Ng:


Kiidu - Daisy at work

Kiidu is a startup company that provides caregivers, housekeeper, senior caregivers and tutor for the local people and travelers to enjoy the service. In the beginning, the CEO of Kiidu company assigned the duties for me to do. Instead of being a customer service assistant for employees recruitment, establishing the profit in the platform are required. In my daily handle of work, I have a different job to deal with every day. For instance, create a profile for applicant, interview potential employees, recruiting nannies and domestic helper. The most challenging part of my work is to communicate with the applicants. Since they mostly talked in the Thai language, when I interviewed them to get information for their previous experience, it was hard for me to communicate with them. So, I have asked my colleagues for help. I enjoy this internship program not only the work experience but also familiar with the local culture, living style, working style, and problem-solving skills. This is a great experience to learn new things and improve me to be more confident and well-prepared for my future career or study.

Milly Kwong:


The Senada store

Before we started the internship, the organizers of Next Step Connection gave us a chance to learn how to cook Thai cuisine. That was out of my expectations. Before class, we had to stay under the bright sun buying and distinguishing the ingredients. Surprisingly, the chef, Chef. C was so funny making jokes all the time. We were all deeply soaked in the charisma of Chef. C and the beautiful Thai food. 

After the cooking class, I started my internship. The manager of this fashion brand, Senada, let me familiarized with the operation for the front store and allowed me to communicate with the Mainlanders and Hongkongers. Senada is a high-class fashion brand founded in Thailand, now expanding their business to China, Hong Kong and overseas. Each piece of their clothing costs about HKD 1000 to 5000. 

 I also worked in Senada's office where I had seen different designs. In the shop, I had met various customers from the world. My works are mainly focus on doing the PowerPoint about fashion or as a translator in the shop.
Colleagues that I had met in the store told her friend to bring me to the staff canteen after hearing my moaning about the expensive meals. From then on, I only had to spend 100 baht for two meals every working day, which was just HKD25 per day. The living expense was just so affordable for me. Even though my colleagues didn’t speak English so well, they used Google translate to communicate with me. In order to facilitate our communication, I had forced myself to learn some Thai words and sentences. 

I love working in Thailand. I sincerely want to express my gratitude towards the people who had offered help and sponsored and subsidized me.