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Career Advising Services

Job Information for Students

Job Information Platform (JIP)

JIPJIP is mobile friendly

JIP is an on-line job search system designed solely for Lingnan students from undergraduate, postgraduate and associate degree programmes. The job board includes job vacancies (full-time/part-time jobs and internships) posted directly by employers who wish to recruit Lingnan students. Lingnan students may continue to access JIP for 3 years after graduation.  

Login JIP here!Please login JIP with your Lingnan email and password. 


Joint Institutions Job Information System (JIJIS)

JIJISJIJIS is for UGC-funded degree students

JIJIS is a centralized job information system for employers and university students jointly operated by the eight UGC-funded (UGC - University Grants Committee) universities in Hong Kong. JIJIS is available to all full-time UGC-funded undergraduate and research postgraduate degree students, but is not available to self-funded undergraduate and taught postgraduate degree students. The majority of the vacancies here target candidates with less than a year or no working experience. Students may continue to use JIJIS for one more year following their graduation. Please sign up for a JIJIS account with your Lingnan student ID. 


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