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Volunteer Movement

Background 背景

Volunteer work is a service that any person volunteer contributes to the improvement of society by personal time and spirit without any material reward. Participating in volunteer work is a manifestation of human equality, mutual love and learning an expression of love, care and sharing. Volunteer work provides an effective way for people from all walks of life to participate, contribute and give back to the community, fulfill their civic responsibilities, and ultimately achieve mutual care and harmony. In order to promote volunteer service in a systematic and more effective manner, the Social Welfare Department has launched the Volunteer Movement in 1998.


Become Friend of Volunteer Movement

  1. Visit the Volunteer Movement website
  2. Register as a Friend of Volunteer Movement
  3. Our Organisation Code (VMPO No.) is T003
  4. 「建立義工帳戶」教學

"My Volunteer Footprint" will replace the "Volunteer Services Record Book"

The new electronic record feature, "My Volunteer Footprint", will replace the current Record Book to record and review your volunteer activity history and service hour records, and transmit your service records to your "Reporting Organisation", which is convenient and time-saving. To avoid confusion, having adopted the new feature, you should stop using the Record Book to record volunteer hours.


Volunteer Movement Website Support Hotline

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Office of Student Affairs

Tel:2616 7333
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