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Cross-Cultural Integration


Upcoming Activities


First Term 2021-22

First gathering: Host-student meeting

Host families and students will meet individually upon arrival of the students. Office of Student Affairs will provide subsidy and facilitate the first meeting for host families and students. Details will be announced through email in late August 2021.


Host-student gathering/ activity

Because of the social distancing measures, official gatherings will not be organised in First Term. Host families and students are encouraged to meet each other or participate in activities in small groups. Activity subsidy will be provided for host families and students. Details will be announced through email in late August 2021.


Second Term 2020-21

Activities for the Second Term will be announced in January 2022. Host families and students please stay tuned for the updates from the Office of Student Affairs.


Activity Recommendations

Host families are encouraged to arrange some more activities for their students such as:

Lunch/ dinner gatherings/ home visit/ festival celebrations


Some useful information:

Visit to some highlight attractions in Hong Kong

Hiking and outdoor activities

Cultural and heritage activities