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Cross-Cultural Integration

Sharing from Participants

Sharing from Host Families

Host family photo

Host mother Ms Candy Liu (front row, 3rd from right) with her hostees (front row 1st and 2nd from right) at Welcome Lunch

Each year, Lingnan University admitted non-local students from Mainland China and all over the world. Non-local students left their hometowns and home countries to settle down in a relatively unfamiliar place. This is a great challenge for them. I am glad to be one of the host families for several years. I shared local culture with my hostees, helped them to understand the cultural differences and adjust to the new lives in Hong Kong. What is more, they talked to me when they encountered any difficulties in their studies and daily lives. All these interactions contributed to our strong and long-lasting friendships.

Thank you Lingnan for providing this "heartful services" for the non-local students. This scheme made them feel like they are at home even though they are far away from their hometowns and home countries. I will continue to take care of these students and show my gratitude to Lingnan with my action.


Ms Candy LIU

Jockey Club New Hall (G)

Host Family of Lingnan Host Scheme 2020-21


Host father Dr Mok Kam Ming and his hostees

Host Father Dr MOK Kam Ming (middle) and his hostees

Host Family Scheme is a meaningful programme which can help foreign students to adapt to the new life in Hong Kong. 2019-20 was a special year that we had to keep strong to overcome many challenges. Especially during the pandemics, we supported each other via the instant messaging platform. By sharing news and sending messages to each other, bonding was building up among the “family members”. It doesn’t need to be long, but a simple word “Cheers! 加油!” is already a huge boost! I am glad that the Host Family Scheme provided a platform for us (Mentor and Mentees) to stand together, and be a FAMILY!


Dr MOK Kam Ming

Office of Student Affairs

Host Family of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2019-20



Ms Nans Leung and her hostee at spring dinner gathering

Host Mother Ms Nans LEUNG (right) and her hostee

Ms Nans Leung and her hostee and family

Host Mother Ms Nans LEUNG (middle) and her hostees and family






Ms Nans Leung and her hostees at Welcome Lunch

Host Mother Ms Nans LEUNG (middle) and her hostees


“Hello, everyone! I joined the Host Family Scheme since 2018. What motivates me to continue participating in this scheme is I want to make myself a reason someone believes in the goodness of people. Trust me - it is one of the best programmes in Lingnan University to promote cultural exchange and provide a pleasant environment to build mentorship. I am proud to have host daughters Kani, Cheryl and Phoebe sharing their dreams, daily lives and exciting stories with my family and me. When they encountered difficulties, they would approach me and discuss the solutions. One important note is food brings people together! I will invite my hostees to join the family meals during festive days and share the traditional cultures with them. I hope they have a fruitful experience in Lingnan and Hong Kong.”


Ms LEUNG Wing Yee Nans

Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies

Host Family of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2019-20

Mr Nick Ooi and his hostees go hiking

 Host Father Mr Nicholas OOI (1st from right) and his hostees   

Mr Nick Ooi gathering with his hostees

Host Father Mr Nicholas OOI (1st from right) and his hostees 

“I joined the Host Family Scheme in the year 2014 and I always feel excited to meet new students and help them to adapt to their new home in Hong Kong. I believe that being a host family means you are part of something wonderful, it means you will influence and be influenced for the rest of your life. My host daughters and host sons often shared their life vision and goals even after they graduated. They also see me as a life mentor that they could approach whenever they faced difficulties or obstacles in life.

Sometimes, we organized fun activities like outing, hike, camp by the beach, and more. For them to improve their skills and knowledge, I also recruit my hostees to help out and support some of the events and symposiums my office organized. Overall, this scheme is tremendous and meaningful.”


Mr OOI Tyan Chyi Nicholas   

Office of Service-Learning 

Host family of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2018-19



Sharing from Student Participants 

Student participant with her host mother

Host Mother Ms Mans LEUNG and her (Right) and hostees ZHONG Shixin (Left)

I am really grateful to the Lingnan Host Family Scheme and my host mother Nans' help for me. As a non-local student, when I first came to Lingnan, I was very anxious and worried. My host mother helped me get familiar with the new environment and made me feel that studying at Lingnan is warm and happy. We are both foodies. Nans usually takes me to try all kinds of delicious food near our school, from seafood hotpot to dessert, helping me get acquainted with the surroundings. As for our relationship, it is not just like host mother and daughter, but more like close friends. She has always supported me and gave me a lot of meaningful suggestions. I remember she gave me a chocolate bar when I was facing the final exam; She helped me prepare for the interview … All these supports really touched me. Above all, I felt very lucky to be able to participate in the Lingnan Host Family Scheme and met my host mother. It is an unforgettable and memorable experience for me.


Miss Zhong Shixin, Cici

Year 4, BSS, Non-local student from Mainland China

Participants of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2020-21


Bliss and her host mother Ms Mabel Mak

Host Mother Ms Mabel MAK and her hostees Bliss TAN Xiao Qian (Right) and CUI Yueying (Left)


"By joining the Lingnan Host Family Scheme, not only could I adapt more easily to a new environment but I also build close relationships with my host family. My host mother, Ms. Mabel Mak has supported and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone by trying new things.  She is always willing to help me when I encounter difficulties.  The hospitality and warmth provided by my host family make me feel like home.  Overall, it was a rewarding and remarkable experience.  I am deeply grateful that Lingnan University offers this fabulous scheme for the non-local students!"


Miss Bliss TAN Xiao Qian

Year 2, BA, Non-local student from Malaysia

Participants of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2019-20


Wang Ziming and her host mother Dr Zhang Yue

Host Mother Prof ZHANG Yue (Right) and hostee WANG Ziming (Left)

“As a first year non-local student, I was lack of the sense of belonging and afraid of facing the different culture in Hong Kong when I first came to Lingnan University. My host mom, Prof. Zhang helped me a lot. She encouraged me to embrace the new environment and culture. We had wonderful experiences of going hiking, chatting about our favorite pop music and having New Year dinner together. The most unforgettable part was, we celebrated my 18th birthday at her home together and it really touched me. I am grateful for Prof. Zhang’s care and love. Also, I really appreciate the Host Family Scheme!”


Miss WANG Ziming

Year 2, BBA, Non-local students from Mainland China

Participants of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2018-19


Aurena and her host father Mr Marc Lebane

 Host Father Mr. Marc LEBANE (middle) and hostee CHIMTOVA Ariuna (left)  



"Hi everyone ! As for me, joining the host family scheme helped better adapt to the new place. I had a wonderful time with my host family. My host dad was always there when I needed help. He always supported me and gave me useful tips, which in the end helped me a lot in my university life. Of course, you need to take the initiative in communicating with your host family, for example, participate in different gatherings. And remember, never be afraid to talk to your host parent or write him wherever you need." 



Year 2, BBA, Non-local students from Russia

Participants of Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2018-19