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Health Services

Health & Well-being Ambassadors

For 2021-22, please refer to the Living Well Ambassador programme.


Health & Well-being Ambassadors 2020-21

organized by Office of Student Affairs


  • To drive a range of health initiatives on campus and community, relating to physical health and wellbeing


  • To promote a healthier quality of life for our students, by promoting basic health and well-being knowledge.
  • To organize “Wellness for All” programmes to serve the university and propagate the ideas of health and well-being
  • To outreach the community by joining community events organized by NGOs such as Hong Kong Red Cross and Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society 


  • Gain experiences in organizing health promotion activities, and build up networks with external collaborators
  • Priority to join the health and well-being programmes organized by OSA and external collaborators
  • Certificate of appreciation will be issued by OSA and external collaborators
  • ILP units will be offered based on ambassador's attendance and contact hours


For enquiries, please contact PE Team, Office of Student Affairs (2616 7301 /

Poster and photos from previous year

Wellness for All 2019

Red Cross Fitness Test