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Student Hostel

Green Hostel Campaign


Green Living Tips

Even small changes in your daily habits can make big differences to the environment!

Residents of student hostels are highly encouraged to develop a green living habit which is the best way to contribute to the common good of student hostels, the campus and the earth. Everyone can play a part in protecting our environment in our daily lives and at hostel!

Student hostels are on self-financed basis. Your contribution in saving electricity in common area, water and gas will definitely help decrease the operation cost of the hostels, and ease the pressure of increase of hostel fees.

Green Living Tips are available at:


hostel signage

Green Signage in Hostel 

To promote green messages among hostel residents, a newly designed signage on green living tips is posted up in the common lobby of each student floor.


New Student Handbook

The booklet of "Must Read Information about Student Hostel For New Students" (p.15 and 16) - Every new student including exchange and non-local degree seeking students were given a copy of this booklet.


A plastic fan

A plastic fan – All participants of NSO 2015 were given a plastic fan to promote green living

style and reduce the use of air-conditioners.

Simply follow the tips below and go Green at Lingnan :




Save Water

Save Water

Take shorter showers

lait for a full load before washing clothes

lvoid water game to save fresh water

Turn off water when brushing teeth, washing hands or shaving


Save Food

Save Food

Order only the amount you can eat

Reduce leftovers and take them away

Support food donation activities for charities

Cook the leftovers for the next meal instead of throwing them away



Save Resources and Reduce Wastes

Save Resources and Reduce Wastes

Bring your own water bottles and bags

Use fewer tissues and paper napkins

Donate used books, utensils, clothing, shoes and handbags to the needy

Think before you print out materials or print on both sides of the paper



Save Energy

Save Energy

Reduce your use of air-conditioners and heaters

Turn off all electrical appliances

Use stairs instead of lifts

Unplug chargers from the wall when not in use



Previous Green Activities :


Green Hostel Competition 2014/15

Green Hostel Competition 2014/15

Can you design green living tips for your hostel?

To promote green living at hostels, a competition was orgznied during the term break to invite hostel residents to design environmental protection messages. See the result HERE