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Student Hostel

Why Hostel?
Why Hostel?

Residential Hall life is one of the key elements of liberal arts education in Lingnan University. All students are encouraged to reside in student hostels, which is a distinctive and unique feature of Lingnan University among other local tertiary institutions. Residential hall life and residential hall education are critical part of the total university experience. Hostel is a place not only to live but most importantly to learn. The education missions of hostel life are as follows: 


a.  Hostel provides a good living and learning community for students. Hostel experience prepares a better transition for young adults to emerge from protected teenagers into intellectual individuals and future leaders. Students will learn independence, interpersonal skills, sense of community and responsibility through living with roommate(s) and floor mates, and community life in hostels. Hostel is a place where students find self-identity, unity, friendship and generosity. Everyone in the community contributes to the common good, to take responsibility and to console and support one another in difficulties;


b.  The intellectual development and horizons of students will be enriched through a co-curriculum of residential hall education activities immense interactions with other hostel residents, Warden’s Office and fellows who come from different study disciplines, and through structured hostel education programmes;


c.  Students’ language skills, appreciation of different cultures and global perspectives will be enhanced through social interactions with hostel residents from all over the world; and


d.  Students will also learn leadership and self-governance through participation in floor committees and Student Hostel Associations.