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Community Services


With the University’s motto "Education for Service", community service is always an integral part of campus life. The University tries every means to provide students with not only opportunities for participation in an active campus life but also experiences to care for the welfare of the community.

Lingnan CConnects Programme was established with the theme “Care for Community See the Connections” which aims to:
1. raise the level of social awareness of students and encourage them to care for the community;
2. help students to develop a right attitude in life;
3. connect students’ experiences, own potentials and lifelong goals.

Programme Highlights:

  • Interested students join this programme as CConnects Crew Members
  • Through training programmes offered by the Agency for Volunteer Service (義務工作發展局) and sharing sessions by experts in service industry sectors, students will be equipped with useful skills to participate in a number of community services programmes/projects throughout the year.
  • CConnects Crew Members are encouraged to serve in University programmes and events, as well as to serve the community through structured community service programmes and self-arranged volunteer services
  • Examples of structured community services projects:, Orbis Eye Brightening Advocate Programme (奧比斯香港 – 亮麗眼睛守護者計劃), Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme (香港青年大使計劃), Project X (X計劃), ICAC Ambassador Programme (廉政大使計劃), Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps Officer Trainee Programme (香港航空青年團  長官學員計劃), Principal Chan Free Tutorial World – LU Volunteer Teachers Scheme (陳校長免費補習天地 – 嶺大義師計劃), Big Brothers and Sisters Volunteer Service Project (『大手牽小手』離異家庭兒童・大哥哥大姐姐伴行計劃), WebOrganic i-Plant Mentorship Programme (有機上網i·Plant種籽師友計劃), etc.
  • A one-stop “CConnects Online Platform for Volunteer Service Record Submission” enables CConnects Crew Members to input community service records and view the service hours accumulated
  • Outstanding CConnects Crew Members will be recognized with networking opportunities and eye-opening exposures


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Application Period: From today onwards (throughout the year)


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