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Lingnan Language Enhancement Initiative (L²EI)



In order to create a multi-cultural and multi-lingual campus and promote cross-cultural appreciation, the University encourages interaction and integration among local, mainland and overseas students. Accordingly, Lingnan Language Enhancement Initiative (L2EI) is launched to enhance students’ language competency while nurturing multi-lingual learning and cross-cultural appreciation among students.  

Under L2EI, the Centre for English and Additional Languages (CEAL) 英語及外語教學中心 and the Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre (CLEAC) 中國語文教學與測試中心 will be organizing programmes or activities to cater for the needs of students. In addition, a new funding scheme: Student-initiated Multi-Cultural and Multi-Lingual Enhancement Programmes Campus Fund (MMCF) is introduced by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to provide students with funding for organizing activities in contribution to language learning and cultural exchange.  

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General Enquiries :  Ms. Elaine Tsang     Tel : 2616-7406    Email : [email protected]

MMCF :                      Mr. Bmos Cheng     Tel : 2616-7410    Email : [email protected]


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