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For New Students

New Student Orientation

Updated on 9 August 2021: All NSO 2021 programmes have been changed to online. Please read the following details.

Important Notes for Participants

The University offers online e-Programmes for New Student Orientation 2021 in order to provide the essential information and supporting network to new students.

New Student Orientation (NSO) aims at helping you adjust to university life and build up the relationship network. NSO 2021 ( includes Welcoming Address by the President, talks, library and campus introductions, connections with senior students (peer mentors) and university staff, etc. 

1)  12 August – 24 September 2021: E-Learning programmes on Moodle platform

Item NSO 2021 e-Programmes Moodle (M)
Available from 12 August to 24 September 2021 on Moodle platform
1 Continuing the Fine Tradition of Lingnan University since 1888 – by Lingnan University Alumni Association (LUAA) M1
2 The LU Mobile Apps M1
3 Introduction to Office of Student Affairs M1
4 Wellbeing Academy (Introduction to Mental and Physical Health) M1
5 Residential Life at Lingnan University M1
6 Introduction to How the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) Supports Students M1
7 Introduction to Service-Learning & Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative M1
8 Introduction to Academic Exchange M1
9 Introduction to Library M1
10 IT Security and Services on Campus M1
11 Introduction to Equal Opportunities on Campus M1
12 Introduction to Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance M1
13 First Year Student Survey Questionnaire - for local students only M1
14 Depression Anxiety Stress Scales 21 (DASS 21) M1
Available from 26 August to 24 September 2021 on Moodle platform
15 Welcoming Address by the President M2
16 The Importance of Academic Pursuit by the Registry M2
17 How Lingnan University Sharpened Me to become A Socially Responsible Leader and An Entrepreneur M2
18 Campus Tour M2


2) 7 September 2021: Campus Life Carnival

All students should attend the following Virtual Campus Life Carnival for at least one hour on 7 September 2021 via a designated website:

4:30 to 8:30pm

Virtual Online

  1. 31 student bodies introducing their rich array of campus life activities to new students
  2. Live shows, music, drama and sports performances  
  3. Possibility to win gifts and meal coupons


  1. The Campus Life Carnival will be placed on Moodle after 7 September for new students who report after 7 September.  
  2. The passing grade for quiz with 5 questions is 80% (for LU Mobile, 100% for quiz) and students need to fulfill “PASS” in all online quizzes for ILP units. For the Official Welcome (items 15-18) and the Campus Life Carnival, 1 question for acknowledgment after watching. 
  3. Collection of SIDs and Hostel check-in for new students will be from 27 August 2021 onwards. For details, student residents should check out the email notifications about hostel allocation result in due course.


Attendance and ILP units

New students who have completed the above NSO 2021 Programmes and achieved the passing grade in online e-Learning lessons of NSO 2021 by 24 September 2021 will be granted 15 Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) units. If the full set of the above programmes are not completed, students will be required to make up the 15 ILP units during their course of study. 


Peer Mentoring Programme

There will be about 30 - 40 students in each NSO group led by 3 - 4 senior students as Peer Mentors. The Peer Mentors will attend to you and help facilitate your integration into the university life. They will share their invaluable experience with you and continue to help you adjust to the university life after NSO. Your Peer Mentors will contact you from 27 August 2021 onwards to answer your enquiries and help you adjust to university life.  NSO is just a start of peer mentor and mentee relationship. We encourage you to keep in contact with your Peer Mentors after commencement of the new academic year. You can keep in touch with your Peer Mentors by all possible means such as cell phone, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook or Instagram, if not face-to-face.


Activities beyond the NSO 2021

Activities Date
Parents Orientation

17 September 2021

Exploration Weeks ILP activities

2 September to 6 October 2021



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