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For New Students

Student Hostel

Hostel Arrangements and Important Information for UGC-funded Applicants

  • To help new UGC funded UG students adjust to university life, all first year students are encouraged to reside in student hostels. In view of the pandemic, new students may apply for student hostels in Year 2 or subsequent years instead. Hostel places are offered to students subject to availability. If the hostels are full, late admittees will be put in the waiting list. Students who have decided to stay in student hostels in Term 1 2022/23 should pay special attention to the following special requirement:
  • Hostel residents should fulfill the latest Vaccine Pass requirements as required by the Government of HKSAR, the University and the student hostels. With effective from 31 May 2022, all hostel residents should have received the third dose, except students with COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate. Residents who fail to comply with the requirement will be barred from entering hostels until the requirement is fulfilled and confirmed by the University. Residents who are found not fulfilling the requirement will be subject to disciplinary actions. The University will periodically review this special requirement and may revise the requirement according to the situation. In addition, students who have recently arrived Hong Kong and are required by HKSAR to quarantine should arrange their own off-campus accommodation for Compulsory Quarantine before they can be permitted access to the campus/hostels. Hostel residents should also strictly comply the anti-epidemic measures according to the pandemic situation, including but not limited to mandatory mask-wearing requirement, tightening of group gathering and social distancing measures in student hostel areas, and to reallocate the room assignment and setup floors for isolation or other purposes related to health and safety.
  • Hostel application and preferences should be submitted via myLingnan Portal. Students should complete the user account activation and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in advance. Students who opted to reside in hostel will receive the hostel efees note and link to submit hostel preferences one working day after the online submission in the Online Reporting System. Hostel places are offered to students subject to availability. If the hostels are full, late admittees will be put in the waiting list.
  • Full-time UGC funded Non-local degree seeking undergraduate students do not need to submit hostel application in their first year of study. The Office of Student Affairs will contact you for hostel room assignment. The hostel allocation will be done by computer random.
  • Full-time UGC funded new local students who submitted the hostel online application by 23:59 on 14 Aug 2022 via the Online Reporting System could indicate preferences on hostel and room types. Room assignment will be done by system randomly for application received from 15 Aug 2022 onwards.
  • As an important part of the COVID-19 infection control and preventing cases and the spreading of the virus in the University and hostel community, hostel resident should fulfill the vaccination and vaccine pass requirement by the Hong Kong government and the University. The requirement maybe reviewed and updated according to the latest situation. For details, please refer to:


  • For self-funded undergraduate students, limited on-campus student hostel places are available. The University has approved to set aside certain number of hostel places for full-time self-funded UG students. Students should contact their programme offices for hostel application and allocation details. Students who have to look for accommodation options off-campus can visit our website for some tips and information:



Hostel Residency Policy (HRP) for UGC funded Students

Please note that hostel residency is NOT part of the graduation requirement. Hostel applicants should take note on the HRP for their eligibility and priority during hostel application:

  1. All UG students who will study in the University for four years will normally be required to reside in student hostels for two years;
  2. All UG senior year students who will study in the University for two years will normally be required to reside in student hostels for one year;
  3. To help new UG students adjust to university life, it is recommended that all first year students be encouraged to reside in student hostels.
  4. Exemption and/or deferment mechanisms from items a, b, and c are available to accommodate students’ special/personal needs.
  5. UG students applying for residency beyond the durations indicated above under items a and b will be assessed by their academic performance, leadership, community service and other forms of contributions deemed appropriate.


Hostel Application Procedures and Room Assignment

When new students accepted the offer in the Online Reporting System, please complete question 8 (Student Hostel Application) to indicate if you wish to apply for residing in student hostel in 2022/23 academic year.

  1. OSA Hostel Team will email you to confirm if the application is received and enclose the hostel fee payment note to students via email. Please make sure that you have registered for 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) Service and with access to myLingnan Portal and Lingnan email account. Student can also submit hostel block preferences via the online link in the email.
  2. New students should settle the hostel fee by 22 Aug 2022. Applicants admitted from 15 Aug 2022 onwards will have to settle the hostel fee within one week.


Announcement of Hostel Room Assignment Result

For JUPAS and Direct Main Round application, the hostel allocation result will be announced at 10am on 23 Aug 2022 (Tue) via your LU Mobile App account. For application received from 15 Aug 2022, the hostel allocation result will be announced when student receives the hostel fee payment note notification email.


Hostel Check-in Procedures

The check-in date for New students who will join the New student Orientation (NSO) will be on 26 August 2022 (Fri). The assigned check-in schedule for 26 August will be announced later on.

New students who will not join the New student Orientation (NSO) due to exceptional reasons or preferred to check-in later on could check in student from 27 August 2022 (Sat) onwards.

Please be reminded 27 August 2022 is the first check-in date for residential year 2022/23 only, you do not necessarily have to check-in on the first date.

Hostel check-in must be completed in person. It is advised that students should collect their Student I.D. card at the Registry within the office hours before the hostel check-in (except for 26 August, a special counter for distribution of SID cards will be set. Details will be announced later on). For details, please refer to:



Office of Student Affairs (for hostel application and allocation. Tel: 2616-7368 / email:

Campus Support Office (for check-in procedures. Tel: 2616-7134)


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