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Previous Breakfast Sessions

Invitation to the “Breakfast with the President” 

The “Breakfast with the President” which is a traditional and unique event in Lingnan University.  Our President Prof Leonard Cheng Kwok-hon and students would share their views and experiences on study and campus life, discuss university policies and global issues, and chat freely. The sessions embody the close staff-students relationship, exciting campus life and fine liberal arts education tradition in Lingnan. In each session, there will be around 10 to 12 students having breakfast (8:30 - 9:30 am) with the President at the Room AM 201, 2/F of the Amenities Building.

Breakfast with the President 2018/19(Term Two)

(Snapshot and Group Photos)

260419_1 260419_2 260419_3

26 April  2019  (Individual Enrollment)



BF_020419_001 BF_020419_002 BF_020419_003

2 April  2019  (Individual Enrollment)


BF_060319_001 BF_060319_002 BF_030619_003

6 March 2019  (Individual Enrollment)


BF220219_B001 BF_220219_2 BF_220219_3

22 February 2019  (Individual Enrollment)


BF130219_B1 BF130219_B003 BF130219_B2

13 February 2019  (Individual Enrollment )


Breakfast with the President 2018/19 (Term One)

(Snapshot and Group Photos)

301118_001 301118_002 301118_003

30 November 2018  (Individual Enrollment and Fencing Team)


B091118_001 B091118_002 B091118_003

9 November 2018  (Individual Enrollment)


021118_001 021118_002 021118_003

2 November 2018  (Individual Enrollment)


261018_001 261018_002 261018_003

26 October 2018  (Individual Enrollment)


191018_001 191018_002 191018_003

19 October 2018  (Individual Enrollment)


B051018_001 B051018_002 B051018_003

5 October 2018  (Individual Enrollment)


B280818_001 B280918_002 B280918_003

28 September 2018  (Individual Enrollment)



Breakfast with the President 2017/18 (Term Two)

(Snapshot and Group Photos)


27Apr18_1 27Apr18_2 27Apr18_3

27 April  2018 (Individual Enrollment)



13Apr18_1 13Apr18_2 13Apr_3

13 April  2018 (Individual Enrollment)




23Mar18_2 23Mar18_3

23 March 2018 (Student Hostel Association of Lam Woo Hall)



16Mar18_1 16Mar18_2 16Mar18_3

16 March 2018 (Individual Enrollment)



23Feb18_1 23Feb18_2 23Feb18_3

23 February 2018  (Individual Enrollment)



9 Feb 18_01 9 Feb 18_02 9 Feb 18_03

 9 February 2018 (Individual Enrollment)




Breakfast with the President 2017/18 (Term One)

(Snapshot and Group Photos)

10Nov17_3 10Nov17_1 10Nov17_2

10 November 2017 (Individual Enrollment)


27OCt17_1 27Oct17_2 27Oct17_3

27 October 2017 (Individual Enrollment)


20Oct17_photo3 20Oct17_1 20Oct17_3

20 October 2017 (Individual Enrollment)


B_photo B_P2 B_P3

11 October 2017 (Individual Enrollment)


photo photo photo_3

29 September 2017 (Individual Enrollment)



Breakfast with the President 2016/17 (Term Two)

(Snapshot and Group Photos)

photo_25Apr17 photo_25Apr17_2 photo 3_25Apr17

25 Apr 2017 (Student Hostel Association of the Jockey Club Hall  E)


photo photo photo

13 Apr 2017 (Student Hostel Association of the Wu Jieh Yee Hall)


photo photo photo

31 Mar 2017 (Student Hostel Association of the Jockey Club New Hall G)


photo photo photo

24 Mar 2017 (Student Hostel Association of the Jockey Club New Hall H)


photo photo photo

17 Mar 2017 (Individual Enrollment)


photo photo group photo

3 Mar 2017 (Student Hostel Association of Tsung Tsin Assoication Hall Fok Cho Min Hall)