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Virtual Rope Skipping Challenge

Virtual Rope Skipping Challenge

All Lingnan students and staff are welcome to join!


Virtual Rope Skipping Challenge

Period: 6-26 Mar 2022

Physical activity is an important contributor to good health, including reducing the risk of chronic disease and promoting healthy weight and good mental health. Office of Student Affairs is organizing the Virtual Rope Skipping Challenge to encourage individuals to become aware of their physical activity and experience a portable and fun new way to get a full-body workout.


How to participate

  1. Download the apps “Jumpr - Virtual Jump Rope”
  2. Virtual Rope Skip for at least 3 days in a week and burn more than 450 Cal in total.
  3. Cap screen and submit!

Cap Screen

Application form (Deadline 31 Mar) :


The Challenge will last for 3 weeks

  1. 6-12 Mar 2022  
  2. 13-19 Mar 2022    
  3. 20-26 Mar 2022



  • Participants completing the challenge will be awarded $100 Sports Cash Voucher.
  • Quota: 15 in each phase (First come-first served)


Lucky Draw

  • For those who can successfully complete the challenge for 3 weeks, will be offered a chance of lucky draw with fantastic prizes!
Result of Lucky Draw (1 Apr 2022)
Winner Student / Staff ID : 4024688



Email: [email protected]

Tel: 2616 7019

Facebook: @LingnanWellnessHotspot