Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
OSL staff are always willing to provide support if you have any questions. The following are some of those frequently asked questions about service-learning (S-L) projects, including the Service-Learning and Research Scheme (SLRS) and Mainland and International Service-Learning Program (MISLP). Please contact us for more info.

Undergraduate Students

  • What is the S-L Graduation Requirement?

    Starting from the 2016-17 intake of first year students, Service-Learning (S-L) will become a graduation requirement. To fulfill the S-L graduation requirement, each student is required to participate in at least ONE course with an S-L element before graduation. Students who are admitted to the first year of their undergraduate studies between 2013-2015, and students admitted directly to Year 2 or Year 3 in 2016 may fulfill the corresponding graduation requirement through Civic Engagement.

  • How can I fulfill the S-L Graduation Requirement?
    In order to fulfill the S-L requirement, students have to:
    • complete the required S-L experience (including 30 service and training hours) as confirmed by the Course Instructor;
    • submit all relevant S-L documents; and
    • pass the course.
  • How can I join S-L projects?

    Register and attend the first lecture of courses with S-L experiences and choose the projects that interest you.

  • Is the workload demanding in S-L projects?
    It depends. S-L is different from traditional learning approach. It is challenging, but rewarding. Good planning and division of labor greatly increases work efficiency.
  • How many training and service hours are needed and what will be included?
    This can vary; in general, at least 30 training and service hours in total are needed. This total includes:
    • • Training and Orientation specifically provided by the Agency
    • • Preparation meetings for service
    • • Consultation meetings
    • • Actual service hours (direct and indirect service)
    • • Report back celebration (if any)
  • Can I join more than one S-L project within a semester?

    Yes, but you need to have good time management and balance of work. Check and manage the practicum time of different S-L projects to avoid time conflict.

  • Do I need to attend the tutorials of the course if I join the S-L project?
    It depends. Normally, for lecture-tutorial based courses, you don’t have to attend tutorials as time will be used for service. For others, you might need to attend all/some tutorials in addition to service practicum according to the course requirement. Check with your Course Instructor.
  • Do I need to register for the tutorial session if I join S-L project?
    Yes, register tutorial sessions marked SVL, even there is not a tutorial needed. If the SVL session clashes with your schedule, contact the Course Instructor and the respective OSL Coordinator.
  • How can I know if I have completed the S-L graduation requirement?
    At the end of each term, you can check the updated record in Degree Works to ensure the fulfilment of the S-L graduation requirement.
  • How can I learn/perform better in S-L project?
    There are four steps:
    • Prepare (e.g. set goals and do research) and actively participate (raise questions) in the agency orientation and training;
    • Discuss with your team about how to anticipate difficulties and possible solutions before the practicum;
    • Communicate with the Agency Supervisors to mutually understand on the needs and actions during the service practicum;
    • Do reflection and evaluation throughout the process.
  • Where can I find more information and resources about S-L?

    About S-L and projects:

    • • Visit OSL website ( for publications with previous projects' information (i.e. reports, products);
    • • Students work products in the OSL library
    • • If applicable, ask your Service-Learning Teaching Assistant to share their experience.

    About service targets and agencies:

    • • Search related books, journals and online materials;
    • • Ask the agencies in the orientation visit and throughout the program.

    About updated information and arrangement:

    • • Talk to agencies, the respective OSL Coordinator and the Course Instructors directly.

  • What can I gain after joining S-L projects?
    Experiences, skills and friendship! S-L experiences credit your ability and will help with your career path. Priority will be given to you for various S-L related programs, such as the Mainland and International Service-Learning Programs (MISLP) and S-L conferences.
  • Who should I contact if I have questions?
    You are not alone! Contact the related person for support with:
    • Academic and course related: the Course Instructor and the respective Teaching Assistant (TA);
    • S-L project arrangement: the respective OSL Coordinator, the respective TA, and/or Course Instructor;
    • Service Practicum Arrangement: the Agency Supervisor and representatives.
  • If my question is not on the FAQ list, where can I get more information about S-L?
    (1) Visit our Facebook at
    (2) Contact Us: 2616 8073 or