What is Service-Learning?
Service-Learning (S-L) is a pedagogy that combines rigorous academic study with meaningful community service and reflection. It is a high quality teaching and learning strategy that aims to facilitate student learning in terms of students’ academic knowledge and personal development. By utilizing S-L to serve the community, students and course instructors are able to embody Lingnan University’s long-standing motto, “Education for Service.” With the support from different academic departments and social agencies, over 800 students participate in Service-Learning projects each year.


OSL offers the following Service Pledge, which specifies what kinds of support is offered to faculty members who include Service-Learning in their course.       


This Service pledge includes:

a) Project matching

b) S-L registration

c) Preparation, training and transferable skills workshops

d) Field supervision, especially for new S-L projects

e) Review project plan

f) Direct student self-reflection

g) Project evaluation

The Lingnan Model of Service-Learning