Faculty Award

The Faculty "Education for Service" Award honors faculty members who have made public service an integral part of their teaching and is committed to fulfilling the mission of the Lingnan University:

1) Provide reciprocal benefits to the student participant and the community;

2) Produce a positive developmental impact on student learning and growth;

3) Enhance learning and teaching efficacy through Service-Learning.


Award Winners 2013/14
Prof. CHEN Tingting (Assistant Professor, Department of Management )

"By perfectly aligning the needs of teaching and learning with the needs of the community, Service-Learning projects provide students with a memorable learning experience to apply their subject-related knowledge to contribute to the community. Students make great progresses, as well as develop a sense of achievement and caring disposition during the course. I deeply appreciate this wonderful platform that Service-Learning creates." - Prof. CHEN


Prof. CHEN Tingting, who exemplifies a deep dedication to fostering the professional and personal development of her students, has set a high standard for personal commitment, involvement, integrity, and dedication for improving Service-Learning education through her efforts in HRM 352 Leadership & Teamwork and BUS 301 Strategic Management courses.


Prof. CHEN will use the "Education for Service" Faculty Award to facilitate a comparative research study on how Service-Learning impacts student learning and try to further improve course design based on her findings. She is also offering wonderful opportunities to students by training and hiring a few to take part in her research team.


Prof. LAW Suk Mun, Sophia (Associate Professor, Department of Visual Studies)

"I am always touched by the impact of Service-Learning on my students. Using their knowledge of art as a language to help people in need, my students get connected with different communities and start to care for others. The process is so natural that they do not see it as giving, but as taking responsibility. I have witnessed, namely a natural cultivation of the desire to serve among my students." -Prof. LAW


Prof. Sophia LAW has demonstrated a superb record of achievement as a researcher, educator, and public service advocate. In 2008, Prof. LAW launched her Service-Learning course VIS255 Art and Well Being, ever since she has designed four schemes and worked with a total of 12 agencies, providing her students with a well-rounded education and advancing her record of publications such as follows:


2012. Enhancing the study of art and community through service-learning, in New Horizons in Education 
2012. Connecting art and community through service-learning. The 12th IARSLCE Annual Conference Proceeding


Prof. LAW will use the "Education for Service" Faculty Award to further research how art facilitates expression and communication of people with dementia as well as to enhance her existing Service-Learning course.